The bored circus halfling Maram let herself hire by Sivan for a run down in to the Castle Greyheim. Her leg got burned off and she was captured by kobolds and left behind by her friends. In captivity, she was abused and mistreated. Maram never talks about those terrible weeks. These days, all we know is that she has nine fingers and a wooden leg. She is close to the [[Halfling_Help_Harmony?]] who helped to rescue here.

Back in the castle, she got some scorpion poison and convinced the lizard man “Son of Set” that she is worthy to learn how to make usable poison from it. She swore Set to use this knowledge properly. Whit the new weapon at hand, she got in a one on two combat whit harpies, where all of here friends got charmed or flew cowardly. The harpies broke here leg but whit Sets strength in her, she poisoned one harpy to death and made the other flew. She saw that as a sign and started to be Sets poison maker in Greyheim.

Set score: 1 harpy

Thievery score: 2 – access to the library, the location of a Set coven

image/svg+xml Link Name AC XP Level Class Hit-points Property none = 9, leather = 7, chain = 5,plate = 3, shield = -1, minus dex bonus Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma value bonus roll 3d6 for each Abilities, Languages Colors or Portrait Saving Throws Dragon breath, explosions Paralysis, Petrification Death, Poison Rays, Wands Spells AC of opponent: To hit: (+ dexterity bonus) 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Damage: (+ strength bonus in melee) Melee Ranged (+ strength bonus) d20 equalor better d20 equal or better Max Fighter & Dwarf: d8Magic User & Thief: d4everybody else: d6+ constitution bonus Maram halfling 4 1 13 13 +1 13 +1 10 14 +1 13 +1 9 10 8 6 7 10 16 16 15 15 14 14 13 13 12 12 11 11 10 10 9 9 8 8 7 7 1d6 backpackiron rations (1 week)plate mailhelmetshieldswordshort bowarrows (20)arrows (wasp poison) (6)silver arrow (2)sharp knifeviolins, flasks, tweezer, hopperviolin (floating bubble dust)poison- scorpion (?15 dmg +2 save) (5)- wasp (1 dmg/round) (10)(until removed, save or die)centipede acid (2d4 dmg) (3)hallucinogenic mushroom (6)flask whit shreekers spornflask of grey ozze acidtinder box (flint & steel)Troll tax receipesack, largelanternflask of oil (5)torches (6)ropemirrorcolorful clothsteewarhorse 1/6 for normal tasks2/6 to hear noise2/6 to hide and sneak5/6 to hide and sneak outdoors2/6 to poison stuffAC -2 vs. opponents larger than humanspoison making (swear to Set)+2 poison save (-2)-> +1 bonus to ranged weapons value34-56-89-1213-1516-1718 bonus-3-2-1+1+2+3 4 + charisma bonus Retainers 7 + charisma bonus 7 Reactions Loyalty 4 value34-89-1213-1718 bonus-2-1+1+2

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