Orcs vs Everybody Else

This is the week when we had promised to meet the orc Darktooth and the bandit leader Esetha (see We want Trade). When we turned up, we brought some backup, just in case. Some hooligan slingers, mostly young shepherds and pig herders, a handful of odd duty Harpy Hunters, some dogs—and we needed them all for as it turns out, the bandits turned out in force and turned on us with the support of some elf riders. Luckily there were also some Stonebrew dwarves carrying their mysterious Eye in the Sky – a monstrous floating eyeball with eight smaller eyes on stalks growing out of it. And the dwarves were dangerous lunatics with a “gifted” extra eye on a stalk growing out of their necks! A big battle ensued, the result of which being that the elves were beaten and released by Annica on the grounds of them being Yifan’s friends, Yifan being feebleminded, the beholder being killed, the dwarves being brought back to Lady Kyle for judgment and there they bought their way to freedom unlike the unlucky bandits who all hanged. The orcs seem to be our loyal friends, now.

We also took all the dwarven regalia the eye terror had collected, 13’000 gold in all.

Three Way Fight