River Road Regulatory Ltd


Beer is shipped downriver from Stonebrew in cheap river boats. These boats look more like rafts than actual boats because there’s no point in dragging them upriver again. There is nothing the Stonebrew dwarves are importing in large quantities. Effectively, the rafts are dismantled downriver and the wood is sold for construction material or fire wood. The dwarves build barrels and rafts using the woods to the west and south of their mountain.

Some enterprising dwarves have started thinking that maybe this can be changed if only the dwarves knew what the world downriver had to offer. That’s why some of them got together and created the River Road Regulatory Ltd which focuses on using donations to build a horse tow paths from Greyheim all the way up. This would allow for shipments of grain, coal, barley, fish, and many other things besides, all of them unknown to the dwarves of Stonebrew.

Anouk has sponsored (3,213 Gold) the creation of 6 Watch posts (1 per hex as far as the road goes, with more being built as the road extends) with signal fires on the road. Each watchpost has 3 light infantry and 1 dog. There are in addition 3 roving patrols, each consisting of 5 light infantry and 2 war Dogs (. Road users can pay 3gp per wagon (or 2gp for dwarves) to receive a chit that allows them to shelter in the watchtowers, receive the patrols protection and use Bronze Torque Ales quai in Greyheim for free!..

Anouk has further contributed 2,027 Gold to extend the road slightly more than half the remaining distance to Stonebrew

Strahl has contributed another 2,000 Gold to finish the road to Stonebrew and another 2,000 to set up the watch posts and guards, for a total of 10 posts, and 5 roving patrols

Light Infantry: 3gp per month, (10 watchposts @ 3 = 30) + (5 patrols @5 = 25) ⇒ 55 troops, 165gp per month (paid till week 66 by Anouk, next due week 70)

Invested: 9,240gp