We want Trade

We talked to the orcs of Darkloch. They were pretty reasonable, once Anouk had fallen into their pit trap. Their boss Darktooth has a demonic mace, just like Anouk does. It also keeps muttering insults. We agreed to set up a trading post by the river (Annica invests 1,000 into it). We shall meet in six weeks (#55) and exchange stuff. They will bring furs and the like, and we will bring stuff they might have use for: ropes, linen, and other trade goods. We’ll see how it goes.

It’s unclear what the status of Esetha and her band of brigands will be. We released her anyway.

We hired Baro the Laketown guide for an amazing 10gp/day. It was the best day of his life. He led us to laketown and we met some oak ents in the Walking Forest. They enthusiastically agreed to come along and fight froglings with us. As it turns out, ents can take a beating, but they also unarmored wooden creatures, big as a house, and thus nearly impossible to miss. They need protection!

In Laketown itself, we fight some trolls that had been hiding under the water surface, and we set a trap for the froglings, sleeping them all and taking one of them back with us, for interrogation.

On the way back, we meet some more ents. This time, the ents we meet are hooligan birch ents and interested in fighting froglings with us. We promised to meet up in 30 days.