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If you create a new page for a character, copy and paste from the example character.

Our Group is known as the *[[Beetle Bashers]]

= Character= Share= XP= Gold= Level= XP next= Home / final rest= Health= Player
Vangelis11236710033thief 520’001GreyheimSam
Maram½117935324halfling 416’251GreyheimSam
Magdalena½132031816magic-user 420’001GreyheimSam
Delina½67814095thief 35’001GreyheimSam
Eldakkar1480139938magic-user 540’001GreyheimFlavio
Ernst Ormott½181582626fighter 416250GreyheimFlavio
Mia½6843108Assistant 410’001GreyheimFlavio
Anouk1350010dwarf 670’001StormholdBen
Strahl½4000195magic-user 680’001StormholdBen
Kristina½111882740fighter 416’250StormholdBen
John Greene½200010magic-user 540’001StormholdBen
Dorn Ironfoot½55010dwarf 38’751StormholdBen
Yifan13421916450elf 565’001Deathwatch KeepGrisha
Annica½186708671dwarf 535’001GreyheimGrisha
Joana½2643300fighter 24’065GreyheimGrisha
Lila-Marie½521792elf 14’065GreyheimGrisha
Sugo1198957073fighter 532’501GreyheimPetr
Slui½52641965halfling 38,125GreyheimPetr
Maxim½6033243fighter 38’125GreyheimPetr
Saray118782537aquamancer 12’501GreyheimNatalie
Pringles1164687577fighter 532’501GreyheimPetr’s wife
Maximo12042885thief 22’501GreyheimGiorgio
Adrijana45601743geomancer 25’001killed by bugbearsFlavio
Tugra5272-262fighter 24’065petriefied by a basiliskAdrian
Sascha1135541704cleric 525’001retired and runs a church💜Flavio
Lothar75041dwarf 12’187Greyheim💜Chris
Tiana45118halfling 12’035killed by a giant batSam
Arbogast260682fighter 12’035ambushed by jackalweresSam
Marika19532119magic-user 25’001GreyheimSam
Simed8051699dwarf 12’187Greyheim💜Sam
Neid58694elf 14’065shot by hobgoblinsSam
Devd694413fighter 12’035shot by hobgoblinsSam
Pietro7711pyromancer 12’501shared space whit a spearAndre
Kim32611835elf 14’065killed by ear seekersSam
Tristan00halfling 1-killed by boring beatlesFlavio
Aiza997113halfling 1-fell into a concealed pitLuca
Hiad171dwarf 1-eaten by beatlesMiae
Honey00halfling 1-eaten by koboldsMiae
Sivan00cleric 1-eaten by koboldsSam
Desi34741908fighter 24’065held under the Freya temple🐺 💜Flavio
Sejla00magic-user 12’501Greyheim
Zeno5539323elf 28’123Greyheim
Gaon290magic-user 12’501Greyheim
Laszlo850thief 11’251Greyheim
Yusuf453779thief 11’251Greyheim
Nevia451889dwarf 12’187Greyheim
Paola57177916fighter 38’125Greyheim
Manha18312467magic-user 12’501Greyheim
Rasmus5811135aeromancer 12’501Greyheim
Alfrid3300dwarf 12’187Greyheim
Zhaak3162739thief 11’251Greyheim
Khazad00dwarf 12’187Greyheim
Forsa2220fighter 12’035Ruined Mill
Emelie61079thief 11’251Greyheim
Theodora2517918halfling 24’065Greyheim
Eligious1064357fighter 12’035Greyheim
Mehmed1955598dwarf 12’187Greyheim
Lisalotte290270fighter 12’035Greyheim
Aurora8532055elf 14’065Greyheim
Aaliyah100299fighter 12’035Greyheim
Abraham100299dwarf 12’187Greyheim
Anaëlle549541elf 14’065Greyheim
Smilla00elf 14’065Greyheim
Raphael00fighter 12’035Greyheim
Rio00elf 14’065Greyheim
Michael00magic-user 12’501Greyheim
Amra00magic-user 12’501Greyheim
Norin00thief 11’251Greyheim
Callista00thief 11’251Greyheim
Lilly-Rose00halfling 12’035Greyheim
Estelle00halfling 12’035Greyheim
Shahin00halfling 12’035Greyheim
Anesa00halfling 12’035Greyheim

⚕ indicates that the character is badly hurt and needs to rest until the indicated week or session.

⌛ indicates that the character has been petrified. Undoing this requires a magic-user of level 11 or higher with access to the spell stone to flesh.

💜 indicates that the character has retired because of one reason or another.

🐺 stands for lycanthropy

😨 means the character is lost or imprisoned somewhere

☠ is for dead characters

XP for monsters: Killing monsters doesn’t give much experience points. These are shared equally among all survivors—this includes all allies, no matter how weak. This does not include allies that don’t advance in levels (e.g. dogs).

Treasure: Any treasure found is shared among those involved in the find—this makes it possible for thieves on lone missions to pocket treasure and keep it. When treasure is shared, main characters get a full share and extra characters get half a share.

Main characters: The highest level character you take on the adventure is your main character. Choose one of them if you’re running more than one character with that level.

Retainers: All the other characters you run, having the same level as your main character or less.

Pets and Monsters: These cost no money and demand no share of the treasure. As they gain no XP and ask for no money, they’re not listed on this page. They’re usually severely limited in use: they only follow the simplest orders, will not avert their gaze on demand, will only defend their masters, cannot search for traps, and so on.

Gifts: Player characters can only gift gold to characters of a lower level.

XP for gold: You get XP for gold spent, one for one.

*If you don't make it back it back in time, roll a d20 on this Triple Secret Random Dungeon Fate Chart of Very Probable Doom by by Jeff Rients.

  1. You lucky dog! You manage to somehow escape the dark forces of the dungeon. You return to civilization, naked and half-delirious.
  2. Waitaminute, Lefty’s not right handed! Situation appears to be #1, but you’ve been replaced by a shapeshifting badguy.
  3. Maimed. You escape but suffer the effects of a random critical hit. Also, 50% of your stuff is gone, randomly determined.
  4. Alas, you are no more. If any comrades escape they are able to bring your remains and your stuff back to civilization.
  5. Pining for the fjords. If any comrades escape they are able to bring your remains back to civilization, but your stuff is lost.
  6. Dead as a doornail. The general location of your body is known to any surviving comrades.
  7. Your stuff has become part of a dragon’s hoard and your body part of a dragon’s supper.
  8. That is an ex-character. The location of your body is unknown to all.
  9. Bought the farm. Your body and possessions irretrievable due to dragon fire, ooze acid, disintegrator beam, etc.
  10. Also dead. Your body is irretrievable due to dragon fire, ooze acid, disintegrator beam, etc. but your stuff is still around for some other jerk to nab at a later date.
  11. Held for ransom by seedy humans. A member of the Thieves Guild can arrange release for 1,000gp per character level. 1 in 6 chance the money disappears.
  12. Captured by monsters. Escaping comrades know the level you were captured on and the type of monster holding you captive.
  13. Captured by monsters. Escaping comrades know the level you were captured on, but not the type of monster involved.
  14. Captured by monsters. Escaping comrades know the type of monster involved, but not what level to search.
  15. Captured by monsters. Unseen monsters spirit you away to an unknown location.
  16. A fate worse than death. Drafted into the ranks of the monsters. Roll d6: 1-2 undead, 3 lycanthrope, 4 charmed, 5 polymorphed, 6 other.
  17. You and your stuff are sacrificed to the loathsome Frog Gods in order to gate in d6 Croaking Demons that are added to the dungeon key.
  18. A gorgon or somesuch has petrified you. Escaping characters know what level to search for your statue.
  19. Lost in the dungeon. GM sets your location each session. Re-enter play if the party finds you.
  20. Opportunity for betrayal. Pick one other character who got away safe. Roll 1d6, 1-4 he takes your place and has to roll on this chart while you escape, 5-6 you both suffer the fate rolled by your victim.

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