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Room number, Description. Insciption on door arch. 1, A cavern where an ancient dragon called Eld Scorchbraide is impaled on an antediluvian tower. The Hard To Destroy Reptile 2, A cell for an Vampiric Seraphim named Gwyn Godbringer, where he lies chained. The False Angel 3, This cell is filled with a thick black sludge, the corpse of some horror, filled with bobbing eyes and organs. Its corpse is slightly acidic, like walking though thick lemon juice. The Shapestealer 4, A cell with a roiling mass of transparent flesh, covered in floating teeth and freezing to touch. The Coils of Hunger 5, Cell filled with stirge corpses. Bloodsuckers 6, Fungus filled cell, in the back is a dead mi go cradling a lightning gun (2handed ranged weapon can fire int mod times a round for 1d8 lightning damage, 20 charges, recharges by int mod of wielder each morning). The walls are covered in a yellow fungus that explodes in poisonous spores. 2d10 poison, dc 15 con or poisoned(disadv. on attacks and ability checks.) The Mad Fungi 7, Cell of the Vulcan, a set of animate armour with lava for blood. It lies dormant, connected to massive chains with each link the size of its body. The cell is blistering despite the entire cavern being filled with brown mold. The ground within a few feet of the vulcan is scorched. The Vulcan is the ninth white paladin, its searing light replaced by the fire of the trapped dragon, amplified to insane levels by its magic. It is corrupted by heretics in their search for a new god, but instead they created an insane machine of war. The Last Sin

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