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This is what I’m currently working on. Open Gridmapper and load The Sewer Prison to get the map. Use ‘z’ to move down a level and ‘y’ to move up a level.

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Level 1

Random Encounters
1crazy inmate, harmless (HD 1 AC 9 0 NM MV 12 ML 6), may provide helpful info on a positive reaction roll. Roll 1d6: 1. underneath the temple of Garaskis there is a cursed lake; 2. don’t drink water from the fountains; 3. Hepsod dug a hole in his cells and fled; 4. there is a secret temple on level 5 somewhere; 5. …. 6. …
22d6 wardens from area 15 or 22 (HD 1 AC 7 1d6 F1 MV 12 ML 8) with 1d4 guard dogs (HD 2+2 AC 7 1d6 F2 MV 15 ML 8) on patrol, searching for people that aren’t on the direct way from the entrance to a temple or back, name the temple or reduce reaction roll result by 2

Special rule: thirst. The crab demon Garaskis wants your body and your soul. It will use water to infect you. Every time you see a fountain or a body of water, save vs. spells or drink some water. If you have a waterskin or wineskin, take a sip. If you rolled a 1 or 2, you drank it all. Next time you fail your save vs. spells, you’ll drink the demon’s water. If you do, save vs. poison or become infected. In times of need, the infected need to roll 2d6. On a 2, you’re raving mad and attack your friends! On a 3–6 you stall and do nothing. On a 7–9, choose one of the following drawbacks. On a 10–11, you do what you wanted to do. On a 12, you can shake it off!


  1. act normally but howl madly while you do it, causing an immediate random encounter check
  2. act slowly and skip a round before acting
  3. act rashly and endanger your friends, dealing 1d6 damage to one of them (drop a rope they’re on, swing your weapon recklessly, etc.)

1 – A square room, flagstones, corridors. Light falls in from above. The stairs lead outside. Ingolde Linzapf is chained to wall here. She used to be the lawful toll master of Kerealia’s harbor. Freeing her will gain you a loyal friend. She’s a level 1 fighter.

2 – A bridge across a great pit. Note the portcullis at the bottom of the pit.



5 – A guard room with a window looking at the corridor containing 4 wardens (HD 1 AC 7 1d6 F1 MV 12 ML 8) and 1 guard dog (HD 2+2 AC 7 1d6 F2 MV 15 ML 8). Unless special caution is taken, the dog should pick up on anybody sneaking around outside.




9 – A statue of a cat-headed woman. An inscription says this is Maftet. Pillars and curtains covering the walls (concealing a door). The pillars have inscriptions saying Maftet is a goddess of justice and praising her ability to punish criminals. Smashing her statue reveals a mummified jaguar inside; its eyes are two rubies worth 100gp each. The jaguar will animate after 10min unless burned to ashes and attempt to stalk and slay the one who smashed the statue (HD 3+1 AC 4 1d12 F3 MV 6 ML 12; dread – sv. vs. paralysis when you see it; cursed – when hit by the mummified jaguar, you can no longer heal or be healed until the curse is broken).

10 – a statue of cat-headed Maftet ripping out the heart of criminals and presenting them at an altar; a dais covered in dark brown substance (old blood); a coded inscription requiring read languages to decipher revealing that presenting a heart on the dais and chanting The Invocation of Maftet's Justice will summon a cat demon (HD 4+1 AC 4 1d4/1d4/1d8 F4 MV 21) to exact your punishment upon others (requires a scroll found elsewhere)

11 – the secret door is a relief of a big cat with a movable tail; pushing the tail down allows you to move the relief aside and reveals a treasure chamber: 5000gp, golden claws and other jewelry worth 2000gp

12 – curtains conceal the door to this room; the priest calls himself Eater of Hearts (HD 3 AC 3 1d4/1d4 C3 MV 12 ML 10) and wields Maftet’s Claws (grants two attacks for 1d4 and the ability to climb sheer walls on 1–5/6) and his pet mountain lion (HD 3+2 AC 6 1d3/1d3/1d6 F2 MV 15 ML 8) await intruders; a large stone cat face with a gaping maw on the north wall; the priest might flee into the maw

13 – the secret door opens if you press a hard to find button in the gaping maw of the large stone cat face; a black crawlspace; without a light source, 1–2/6 chance to drop into the open shaft at the end and fall down 50ft. (5d6 damage)

14cells with iron bars, all of them locked; the floor covered by straw, the floor made of packed earth. The straw in cell h can be brushed aside to reveal a wooden floor with a secret trap door.

Random cell content
1a skeleton; if speak with dead is an option: …, …, …

(areas 15–23 is the living area for the wardens: beds, tables, kitchen, larder)










(areas 24–25 is a religious area for wardens?)



(areas 26–28 for a boss of the wardens?)

26 – …. This is also the defiler of Sekhmet’s temple (area 32).



(areas 29–31 probably related to level 2?)




32 – A statue of a woman with a lion face, defaced and covered in dried blood and faeces. The inscriptions say that the lion-headed woman is Sekhmet, goddess of fire, war, vengeance, menstruation, and medicine. This is a desecrated temple. Sanctification of the temple requires a clean-up and a vow of vengeance on the defilers (see area 26). If the defiler is brought here and killed on the spot, Sekhmet’s Blessing is yours for a year and a day: +1 to-hit, +1 to damage (does not stack with the bless spell, obviously).

Level 2

A former inmate called Hepsod?

Level 3

A scroll containing The Invocation of Maftet's Justice?

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

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