Temple One Shot (Pyramid)

Gridmapper:Temple One Shot (Pyramid): Introductory Dungeon with some silliness. I’m throwing my PC’s into this as a horde of goblins so they can get used to finding traps, secret areas and dying. A lot of dying. The second floor is a basic puzzle which opens a door to more combat. The conclusion of this dungeon on the top floor has a mechanism the PC’s will use to “pilot” the pyramid and cause untold mayhem for the remainder of the session.

(18,4)ccccvvv f
       a ffffffb ffaa  f
      a ffaaa      aaaa fffffaa
     a ffaaa            aaaa fffff
     ffaaa              b    f
     faaa     ffsvv ff     f   f
    a b  cvv   fffffff    faa   f
    ff f ffb f fb ff    f  f
    ff f ffff"⚔"ffffffff f  f
    ffff fffffffff  f f  b
    ff f ffb f fb ff    f  f
    ff cvv  ffffffff    a f  f
    aaaa faa     f       a ffaaa   f
     aaaa b aa    fffffpvvvv fff f   f
      ff        ddvg    f   f
      ff  gbv gg  g    f   f
      ff  gg gggg    b ffff
      ffaa           cvvv  f
      fffffffaa      fff
      aaaa fffffffb f
                       cvv  'Alters'
                       b  'Fire Trap'
                       bv  'Skeleton with note'
                       "⚔"  'T-Rex (Skeleton)'z(23,1)c 'Ice Pedestal'
                       cvv 'Fire Pedestal'
                       pv 'Lightning Pedestal'
                       p 'Fire Source'
                       pvv 'Lighting Source'
                       pvvv 'Ice Source'

                       "⚔" 'Ogre (skeleton)'
            fsvv f
            fff  fff
             f   f f
          a ffaaa    f
          f    ffffff
          f    svv     f
          f         f
          f a c fcvv fpv aa  f
            aaaa p fpvv fpvvv aaaz(13,13)pvvv fff
             ffsvv f
             fsvv ff
             p ffpvv

              'Each corner controls respective element'z(14,14)fb
              svv bv

                          'Pilot's "cockpit"'(30,21,0)