Converting huth_map_44

Campaign Wiki Gridmapper: Editing huth map 44

Editing huth map 44


Gridmapper:huth map 44: Map saved

   wfp fffffffp fw
   wfffff1ffffffww wwss
   wfp fffffffp fw.w ww
   ww ww ww ww w.dfw.w ww w.dfw.w ww ww
 w.wfwwfwwfwwfwwfwwfddfw  wfw
 wfp fffp fw  wfw    w.wfwwfwwfwwfw w.wfwwfwwfwwfw
 wfff2ffffw  wfw  w.wfwwfdf8fffd.wfdf9fffd.wfwwfw
 wfp fffp fw  wfw  wfw.w wffffw.w wffffw.w wfw
 wfffffffw  wfwwfwwffw ww ww ww ww  ww ww ww ww  wfw
 ww ww ww w.dfw.w ww ww   wfw.w ww wfw w.wfwwfwwfwwfw w.wfwwfwwfwwfw wfw
    wfw w.wfwwfwwfw wfw  wfwwfdf10fffd.wfdf11fffd.wffw
    wfwwfdf3ffd.wffw  wfw.w wffffw.w wffffw.w wfw
    ww ww wfffw.w ww   wfw ww ww ww ww  ww ww ww ww  wfw
      wfffw   w.wffwwfw  w.wfwwfwwfw w.wfwwfwwfw wfw
      ww w.dfw.w    wf7ffd.wfwwfdf12ffw wf13ffd.wffwwfwwfwwfw
    w.wfwwfwwfddfwwfwwfwwfw wfffw.w ww wfffw wfffw.w ww ww ww wfw
    ww wfp fp fw.w  ww w.dfw.w   wfffw wfffw  w.wfwwfddfwwfw
    w.wfff4fffwwfw w.wfddfwwfw  ww w.dfw.w  ww ww ww   wffffw
    ww wfp fp fw.w  wfffw   wfw       wff14ffw
    w.wffffffwwfw wfffw   wfw w.wfwwfwwfwwfwwfw wffffw
    ww ww ww w.dfw.w ww ww  wf6ffd.wfwwfwwffwwfdff15fffw wffffw
      w.wfddfwwfw   wfffw.w ww ww ww ww wfffffw ww ww w.dfw.w
    ww wwss f5ffd.wfwwfwwfdfffw     ww ww w.dfw.w ww    wfw
    ww ww wfffw.w ww ww wfffw     w.wfwwfddfwwfwwfw   wfw
      wfffw   wfffw     wff16fffd.wfwwfwwffw
      ww ww ww    ww ww ww      wfffffw.w ww ww ww
                    ww ww ww ww ww(27.5,28,0)

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