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Editing huth map 57


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 w.w1fwwfww"A"fw w.wfwwfwwfd.wfww"D"fw   w.w"K"fwwfd.wfwwfwwfd.wfww"J"fw      f
 wfw.w ws w wfffw.w ws w   ws w.w wfffw.w ws w      f
 wfw w w wf3ffw w w   w w wf15ffw w w      f
 wfw   wfffw       wfffw        f
 wfwwfwwfw wfffw ww wwss ww"L"fwwfwwfwwfdfffw w w      f
 ww ww wfw w.dfw.w w.dfw ww ww wfw.w ww ww ww ww w.dfw wsss w      f
 ww wwss "B"fww2ffw wfwwfww3fw w16fw w.wfwwfwwfw wfwwf"I"fw      f
 ww ww wfw.w ww  w.wfww4fwfw wfw wf18ffw wfw.w ww       f
   w"C"fw w w wffwfw wfw wfffw wfw w.wfwwfwwfw    f
   ws w wsss w w.dfwwfddfw wfw w.dfwwfwwfw wfw wfffw    f
   w w w"F"fw wf5ffd.wffwwfdf17ffw w14fwwfdf15ffd.w"H"fwwssss ww  f
     wfw wfffw.w wfw.w wfffw wfw.w wfffw.w ww ww  f
     wfw w.dfww6fw.dfw w"M"fw w.dfw.wfddfw wfw wfffw    f
     w10fw wffwfw w w wfw19ffw wfw ww ww ww     f
     wfw w.wfwwf7fw wsss w w20fwwfwwfw wfwwfww"G"fwwfwwfw    f
   w w wfw wfw.w ww    ww ww wfw ww ww ws w.w wfw    f
   wsss w w.dfwwfddfw       w.dfwwfwwfw w w w13fw    f
   w"E"fw wf8ffw       wfffw   wfw    f
   wfww9fdfffd.wfwwfwwfww11fwwfwwfwwfdf12ffd.wfwwfwwffw    f
   ww ww wfffw.w ww ww ww ww ww ww wfffw.w ww ww ww     f
     wfffw       wfffw        f
     ww ww ww        ww ww ww         f

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