Defeat at Thistletop!

Defeating the multi-limbed goblin monster Koruvus 450 XP
Found the stored zombie and saw to their destruction 300 XP
Found the meditation room and some loot 300 XP
Talked to Savah about finding treasure and buying arms and armor 100 XP
Talked to Aliver “Pillbug” Podiker and used his Identify service 100 XP
Sold a small magic sword to Titus Scarnetti 100 XP
Watched the drunken customers of Fatman’s Feedbag and the Wreck of the Grey Prince duke it out 100 XP
Fought a goblin snake and two small vipers 300 XP
Fought five goblins 250 XP
Fought ten goblins with Shalelu 375 XP
Defeated by Gogmurt 100 XP
Total 2475 XP

That’s 825 per person.

Writing this report is worth 100 XP.


Shalelu got away and will fetch Bolas + any reinforcements he cares to mobilize. James and I will handle this via Email. I will prepare a possible escape scene for the party. We’ll start the next session with the benefits or drawbacks caused by James’ actions and we’ll see where and how the party starts.