Getting the Henchmen!

Two silent approaches from the sea 100 XP
Handling the tentacle monster 600 XP
Avoiding Gogmurt 100 XP
Finding a peaceful resolution with Oric Vancaskerkin 450 XP
Spiking doors and being quiet 450 XP
Seeing Brunkel’s torture implements 100 XP
Avoiding Bruthazmus 100 XP
Seeing Bruthazmus’ harem 100 XP
Seeing the private chambers of the henchmen 100 XP
Seeing the goblin nursery 100 XP
Defeating two yeth hounds 900 XP
Seeing the chapel to Lamashtu 200 XP
Seeing the war room 100 XP
Seeing the goblin art gallery 100 XP
Seeing the research room and taking some research notes 200 XP
Defeating Lyrie Akenja 450 XP
Total 4150 XP

That’s 830 per person.

Writing this report in either English or German (!) or drawing a suitable illustration is worth 100 XP.

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