Death of Nualia - Thistletop

Learning about Alaznist, Runelord of Wrath 200 XP
Learning about Karzoug, Runelord of Greed 200 XP
Learning about the giant servants of the runelords 200 XP
Releasing Lyrie Akenja 450 XP
Fighting the giant hermit crab 750 XP
Bypassing the three shadows 1350 XP
Surprising Nualia 750 XP
Seeing the Thistletop command room 100 XP
Total 4000 XP

That’s 800 per third level person.

Writing this report in either English or German (!) or drawing a suitable illustration is worth 100 XP.

Character Level XP Next

New level for Bolas and Caeron!

Note: If you ever feel the urge to research some stuff using your Knowledge skills between sessions, feel free to send me an email with your question, the relevant skill you want to apply, and the bonus you get on your skill check, and I’ll provide a suitable answer that you may or may not add to the site. :)