2009-04-27 The Sawmill

XP: Talking to Justice Ironbriar (2), scouting out the sawmill (4), defeating 13 cultists and Justice Ironbriar (10), finding old books and charts (3), travelling back to Sandpoint (1).

That’s 1200 for 5th level characters.

Writing this report in either English or German (!) or drawing a suitable illustration is worth 120 XP.

Character Level XP Next


Current ideas I’m looking at while the early summer passes:

Anything in particular your character would want to do? Maybe we’ll just all hop aboard a ship carrying glasswares into the Inner Sea to Cheliax; visit Ostenso? Get involved with some Osirian trickery? A pilgrimage to Windsong Abbey? Following up on the rumors of a white-haired girl?

Let me know if your character has particular goals; we have a bit of time to pursue them.

Update: Sailing for Ostenso.