Some characters get knighted.

Every month there will be 950gp at the Rusty Dragon for you to pick up. There’s also a steward in the Bloodsworn vale looking after the fort for you. It belongs to you. You all have small plots of lands, there.

After a month stone giants attacked Sandpoint together with a red dragon.

Zanthus died in the dragon fire. Lidda was too late!

It turns out that three of the giants who had raided a mansion in the south got away with some prisoners.

The other giants had to leave their bags o’ slaves behind. We’re looking at a dozen dead and a couple missing…

Character Level XP Next
Lady Antímata105054555000
Sir Siha104820455000
Sir Peregrin10!4732255000
Sir Muldoc Malik94050045000

Oli waren nicht dabei. Muldoc wurde erschlagen.