Defeated the second lamia priestess, three stone giants, and caused the dissent of two stone giant tribes, forcing Mokmurian to come to the surface and defend his claim to leadership of the stone giants. His own tribe, the Kavarvatti, are still following him. Unfortunately for him, most of his powerful allies are dead. Galenmir the general has been killed. His three dragons are dead, the two lamias are dead. The Crannoch and the Valissgander clans have switched over to Conna’s side. Just as Krom’s words were gaining the upper hand, Mokmurian decided to end this once and for all and ordered his side to fight. His two troll body guards step forward, clad in breasplates, wearing troll-spike gauntlets, and armed with two large ranseurs. The music shifts, however, and key figures of the Kavarvatti tribe are slow to rally to Mokmurian’s cause. They delay, and their friends delay with them. The Crannoch leader Oriandian seizes the moment and shouts “step back, stone giants! This is between us and them – let no one interfere!” A 80 ft. diameter circle is formed around the party, Oriandian, Mokmurian, the two trolls Hurek and Durek, and two loyalists.

Oriandian is a stone giant ranger 4. If anybody wants to use him in combat, you can prepare more detailed stats. Alternatively, just take these: HD 18d8+18x4 (153hp), Atk +1 dire flail +22/+22/+22 (2d6+10), Fort 17 Ref 10 Will 8, Power Attack, Improved trip (+13). BAB +14, Str +9, magic +1, size -1, number of attacks -1.