Schwere Zeiten…

Siha, Krom, Muldin Malik and Tumma braved the big phoenix hall and managed to kill two of four invisible wizards and then followed another two into a cathedral-like room with four alu-demons, a succubus, and five stone giant slaves – as well as the two wizard clones. Muldin and Tumma ended up in cages guarded by giants. In the end, the succubus and the two clones left to look at their lair and Tumma changed into a bird and escaped, flying up to the roof. The giants called the alu-demons; they soon spotted the druid-owl and flew up. Krom started playing music and they decided to return to the bard. In the mean time, Siha is still in Tumma’s cage, invisible for a few more rounds. How will this end?

XP: 1500 each if you’re level 13.