The characters retreated out of the realm of the succubi, leaving invisible Siha in the druid’s cage and unconscious Muldin in his own cage… They explored the Maze of Sloth, finding nothing useful except tunnels filled with a potent mix of acid fog and cloud kill inhabited by little green Neanderhalflings or gremlins. The party also discovered that touching the runeforge waters granted weird visions, and that the phoenix quill would answer at least one question with a little riddle. How do we get back? Cast a teleportation spell in the Sihedron circle in the Hall of Testing. Asking more questions required pushing through a little mental wall but Lidda was unwilling to do that. The visions also showed the major players yet undiscovered: a mithril man for the halls of Greed (which the sin of runelord Karzoug!) and an angry woman with a flaming ranseur in the halls of Wrath.

The party decided to investigate the halls of Wrath and fought a flying iron archer golem. Tumma nearly died but was able to save himself using a meld into stone spell.

Present: Tumma, Antímata, Peregrin, Lidda.