Bolas Magnimar

Before heading to Magnimar, the party decided to head back to Sandpoint, both to catch up with the sheriff, and to cure Peregrin of the disease that he had picked up in Misgivings. The sheriff was pleased to hear the the mysterious deaths had apparently been accounted for, but explained that he had found evidence of three other murders. Some men called Mortwell, Hask, and Tabe, had been found dead at a barn on the Lost coast road. Also found wandering about was a man called Grayst, he was raving and appeared mad so he was taken to a local sanitorium run by Aron Habe. Sheriff Hemlock explained that the three dead people was known trouble makers, and except for the circumstances of their deaths, he was not surprised by their eventual end. Peregrin was cured of his infliction by Father Zantus, and the party then headed out to the sanitorium. Aron Habe proved to be most difficult and awkward, however he eventually submitted to the authority of Antímata, allowing them to talk with Grayst. Antímata was quickly able to detect that Grayst was very ill, close to death. Caeron and Antímata worked together to restor some of the poor man’s constitution, thereby delaying his death from what looked to be Ghoul feaver. Grayst was returned to Father Zantus for treatment, but regretably Aron Habe had got away with pretty poor treatment of one of his patients. Grayst was unable to provide any useful information, on account of being mad, but his Ghoul Feaver was interesting since it help confirm the parties suspicions.

We then headed out to Magnimar. Taking the only sensible route, by sea.

Once in Magnimar, Bolas quickly returned to the Swallows Rest, one of the more disreputable taverns on the dockside, and was able to establish contact with Lyrie. Lyrie confirmed that she had continued researching the Runelords, however Bolas actually had more additional new information than she did. Lyrie was able to tell Bolas that there had been some recent deaths in Magnimar that fit the profile of the deaths in Sandpoint! All were murders of rich, or greedy people in Magnimar. Maybe this was Aldern, though the timing makes this unlikely, or possibly there is a whole cult of Runelord followers here, maybe this “Brotherhood of the Seven”?

Antímata decided to desguise herself as Aldern Foxglove, when we all made the trip to Foxgloves manor. We entered the manor, using one of the keys we found, and explored the place, including finding Aldern’s secret hiding place, which contained some money, and letters pertaining to a woman that Aldern was entertaining frequently in Magnimar called Iesha. There are also papers that suggest that Foxglove Manor was mostly paid for by the “Brothers of the Seven”, the group that had already been heard about. The Brothers apparently hang out at “Sawmill Seven”

While further investigations were taking place, they were all surprised to find themselves interuppted by Aldern Foxglove, and Iesha! At first it they thought that maybe the person at Misgivings was not Aldern Foxglove, however after a short confusing conversation, the pair attacked, changing as they did do into strange faceless creatures. Some form of shapechangers, disguised as Aldern and the woman. The battle might have gone badly, as these creatures were strong, however both sucommed to blindess through Bolas’s magic, and they faired poorly after that. Once one of them died, the fight went out of the other, and Peregrin succeeded in knocking it unconsious.

Once it came too, the creature reluctantly explained that it had been employed by a Lamia to kill the party. The Lamia could be found in some old clock tower or something. In exchange for the information it provided, the party let the creature go. They also found out that the creature was an “Ugothol”, an ancient race of shapechengers, fallen on hard times.