Brinwall is a large port town high on the west coast of Varisia. It sits on the south side of Steam River, on the mouth of a large Fjord, which makes a perfect natural harbour. This location, together with its strategic importance as the largest port close to the Land of the Linnorm Kings make it the most important shipyard in Varisia, though both Riddleport and Magnimar see more trade. Hundreds of tons of timber are shipped north from the Mierani Forest every year to be made into ships.

Brinwall is controlled by Baron Lord Ebesen Evast Chadak III, now an elderly old man, though still powerful politically if not physically. Brinewall is known for its constant skirmishes with Sea raiders from the Land of the Linnorm Kings, and is a major shipyard where many ships are made. Brinewall is a part of the Riddleport City State.

Because of the high cliffs on each side of the mouth of the Fjord, Brinewall is actually a split city. The main part, composed of the shipyards, the main market, the homes of most of the citizens, and many other businesses are almost at sea level, and in places built into the walls of the Fjord. The other part of the city is on top of the cliff, and contains the garrison, barracks, and much of the military might for Brinewall. Also along the cliffs are the siege emplacements, large numbers of siege weapons positioned to be able to attack ships coming into the harbor. These formidable defenses make attack by sea unlikely, unless the siege emplacements can first be taken by a land assault.

Varisia has a strong naval tradition, and builds fine ships, of all sizes. Maybe not quite as good as the finest that Andoran produces, but still of a very high standard. Varisia ships are noted for their ability for weather the fierce storms and bitterly cold conditions that can be found in the northern seas.

Brinewall has a number of famous shipbuilders, of note however are the Vargo Yard, and its largest rival, the Cossan Visgane yard. Because of all the shipbuilding, Brinewall is also known for the large number of skilled carpenters it produces, though they tend not to work in the finest areas, producing sturdy and solid items as opposed to the fine elaborate carpentry more common in Magnimar. A carpenter who apprenticed in Brinewall can find work in almost any port in Aviston, and can also find work aboard pretty much any ship, though few choose to do so.

The ruling family of Brinwall is headed by Baron Lord Ebesen Evast Chadak III, an elderly but still powerful man, who took control of Brinewall nearly 50 years ago. He has one surviving son, Eric, who will one day (probably soon) inherit the city from his father. There was another son, Boric, however he disappeared 30 years ago, and is presumed dead.