Storms are tests of strength, magic, and resilience. Natures destruction brings change and renewal.

Lord of Storms
God of Storms
Alignment: CN
Domains: Choas, Storm, Travel, Weather, Water, Air
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff
Centers of Worship: Sodden Lands, The Shackles, Lands of the Linnorm Kings, Qadira, Vaisia
Nationallity: The Planes

Although many deities might claim storms as part of their areas of concern, followers of Brisane say that storms are the only things that he cares about. As a result many of those who know of him see Brisane as an careless and destructive deity, unconcerned about the affairs of the world. In truth Brisane does delight in the chaos that a good storm brings, but he also respects people and things that can weather storms, be they natural rock formations, a strong building, or strong people. Brisane also has a wide view of what a storm is, from common windstorms and sandstorms and even multidimensional chaos storms, right through to political, social, and cultural storms. His care then, is how any storm interacts with its environment. Followers of Brisane know that storms cannot be avoided, and that they should be respected, but they also understand that preparation and planning can allow someone to take great advantage both during and immediatly after a storm.
Nobody is clear about when worship of Brisane began in the Inner Sea, however people who care to research the topic find no mention of Brisane prior to the death of Arodan and the appearance of the Eye of Abendego. What the connection is noone knows, and Brisane has never commented. Some speculate that Brisane is a deity from another plane of existance, brought here by the Eye of Abendego, which might be a storm that crosses dimensions. Others speculate that the Eye was created by Brisane for some unknown reason, and it is unconnected to the death of Arodan. Some say that this is all coincidence, and that this elusive deity has always been here, and has no special connection to anything. The other gods are silent on the subject.
Whatever else, the worship of Brisane is a minor thing. He has few followers, and in many places is entierly unknown. This tends to support the idea that Brisane is only recently arrived here, but since it is also true that he pays little attention to individuals, and that gaining his favour can indeed be dangerous, it remains an area of speculation. Since most common folk fear storms, and hate their arrival, they also fear Brisane, and see evidence of his destruction wherever weather has a bad effect on them. This can make worship of the Lord of Storms a dangerous prospect, many people might view worship of Brisane as attempting to call down death and destruction from the sky. His followers raise no temples, hold no special events or holidays, and are often found in remote and difficult parts of the world, where the greatest storms can be found. He has a small following in Sailors, who look to Brisane for the cunning and strength to get through a storm, and many a sailor has called out to him in desperation at a hurrican destroying all in its path. He has a wider following in Pirates, who often seek to take advantage of the damage that a storm might case to enemy ships or fortifications. Pirates tend to take a survival of the strongest view of the world, which sort of fits with Brisane.
Brisane does indeed show his favour with storms, where the beneficiary of his favour may find that after the storm has passed circumstances now lie more in his favour. However since storms are chaotic and can often appear randomly it can be difficult to seperate chance from Brisane’s favour. Very rarely Brisane might cauase a storm to turn aside to strike another area, or directly protect someone or something from the worst effects of a storm, but mostly he expects people to be able to survive unaided. More normal however would be to find that a fierce storm has blown a ship to a usueful location, or that a storm has cleared away trees or buildings to review something that was hidden. From a political sence, people in his favour find that in the chaos of revolution or war they gain standing in their community, or that opponants are weakened. When Brisane takes a special interest in an individual (which is rare), that person can expect a nervous ride, potentially with many setbacks for each step forward, and a lot of chaos and change on the way.
Although Brisane’s storms brings chaos and destruction, and chance or luck can often appear to be involved, he is not a patron of destruction for it’s own sake, nor will gamblers find favour with him. This means that people with evil aims can find him to be a very unsatisfactory god to follow, and people who’s aims are good can easily get frustrated by the apparently random nature of his acts, and by the fact that it is rare indeed where he will act to directly save someone from a storm who has not already prepared to take advantage of it. Those that embrace the chaos however find that they are strengthened against it, and better able to turn events to their benefit.
Clerics of Brisane may prepare Call Lightning (3rd level), and Call Lightning Storm (5th level) as if they were on their spell lists, and may spontaneously cast Control Weather.