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Can we do all that? Sounds like fun.

That said, unless they represent an immediate threat to Sandpoint, poking Boggarts in their nest isn’t something Bolas would normally do, live and let live etc…

Exploring the “Old Lady Lighthouse” would be good for chuckle or two, windswept cliffs, ancient mysterious abandoned lighthouses, old weird magic stirring up the forces of chaos… hmmm.

Checking out the Windsong Abby, also sounds fun… though in a slightly safer way - famous last words?

We certainly could do with more treasure, so looking for burried treasure on some island would be fun, and a journey by sea, what could possibly go wrong?

Sailing round the Arch of Aroden to Ostenso with a valuable cargo of Glassware. “Certain Death” are the words that come to mind!

Seriously, appart from the Boggarts thing, I would like to do all these things. If I had to prioritise, a trip to the coast looking for a Cleric of Brisane would be most appealing (who knows, maybe a pirate ship carring a load of glassware, captained by a white haired pirate queen who is also a Cleric of Brisne, will be shipwrecked on the rocks at the foot of the mysterious old light house on the coast, during a storm)
Second priority (very close second) would be to sail a ship load of Glassware to Ostenso, battle pirates, re-live the glory days and all that!
– lioc 2009-05-02 08:09 UTC

Character background-wise, Peregrin’s original reason for arriving in Sandpoint was to set up some trade with the glass factory. He’s been caught up in the local events somewhat, but at some point he should have something to send back to his family in Ostenso.

Peregrin would love to find a way to chat with Ameiko, and convince her to start the glass factory again. Perhaps he can convince Kendra Deverin, the mayor, to have a word with her. Getting the factory running again would boost trade in the whole area by a great deal, and the extra tax revenues would surely play a motivational role.

Should that be a possibility, the surrounding trade routes would also become a priority. Gaining some experience on the ocean and fighting pirates would be interesting.

Something seems to be stirring up the Boggarts too, and if they become a threat to Sandpoint maybe we should check it out. That’s an option for me too, and finding treasure is also welcome.

Finding a temple of Brisbane is, alas, the least appealing for Peregrin. Maybe Bolas can twist his arm?

– Marco 2009-05-02 09:03 UTC

Since Siha is looking for Zenvia, his sister, the rumors about the white haired girl would be something he would go after…

– Marcel 2009-05-02 11:04 UTC

Peregrin does realise that looking for a Cleric of Brisane is likely to involve searching for old ruins on the Varisian coast, where there is likely to be huge piles of loot and magic items just waiting to be picked up? I am certain that the rewards will be quite dispraportionate to the risks, and the rumours of titanic monsters crushing visitors, and strange wild magics having unpradictable effects on people will prove quite unfounded.

Maybe we could stop by the Old Lady on the way out, or back, from Andoran?

Clerics of Brisane are also notorious for having white hair apparantly! (Though no sensible GM would let you find your sister until at least 2/3rds of the way through the adventure, so we can wait a few more levels before chasing that rumour!

– Lioc 2009-05-02 14:33 UTC

Wow, we are busy in May and June.

– lioc 2009-05-02 20:51 UTC

This is my first attempt at fast forwarding a campaign to the next adventure. I’m hoping to give a sense of time. There’s no urgency, there’s no levelling up every two in-game days, there’s enough time to scribe some scrolls, research some topics, and so on.

And so: Sailing for Ostenso! :)

– Alex 2009-05-02 21:51 UTC

I like it, I agree that leveling up should represent years of hard work (or months a least), not 20 minutes of Goblin Fighting!

You have also made me a little worried about events in Magnimar, since the Sihdron plot appears to be continuing. I assume that all these greedy souls are powering the runewell of greed somewhere, and that therefore someone is building an army of SinSpawn!

If there is time in all this, Bolas will also be researching an Arcane version of “Call Lightening”, hopefully as a breach into the “plane of storms” (i.e. conjuration), with the aim of building bigger and better results later. (I realised that I have been calibrating my storm summoning spells against “Storm of Vengence”, which is a really, really bad spell, which no one would even learn, never mind memorise! Bolas will also be working on summoning some sort of creature to allow faster traveling (he has made the trip to Magnimar and back a number of time now), he is therefore perfecting “Phantom Steed”. (These will be the two spells he gains when he next levels up).

Also… Bolas will be studying the spell book from Justice Ironpants, (in “Complete Arcane” there are rules for “Mastering a Spellbook”, which allows someone to takeover a spell book as their own, rather than having to copy all the spells out. This requires 1 week of study, plus 1 day per spell in the book, and is followed by a Spellcraft check of 25+level of highest spell in the book”). Reasons to not allow this are of course to restrict the number of spells available, or to require the spending of money.

When Bolas stops off at the various ports along the route, he will be trying to obtain information about known pirates operating in the area, and will also keep an eye out for any mention of the Grey Coursairs.

– lioc 2009-05-03 08:37 UTC

I think I like the default rules; it closes the gap between melée fighters and magic users in terms of gold required. I liked that in the other game where I play a dwarfen wizard.

– Alex 2009-05-03 10:41 UTC

Fair enough, Bolas will copy Lightening Bolt and Web, when he get some spare coin, then sell the book, if he can.

– lioc 2009-05-03 15:47 UTC