Comments on 2009-06-29

Somebody should produce a writeup for poor James.

Short version:

Check out Varisia. From Manigmar up the Yondabakari river. Realized that the murderer from Manigmar was also on his way upriver. Heard about a beautiful lady in Wartle, a backwater town full of poor people, all the leaders killed, sitting atop the Mushfens. The gnomish town of Whistledown was all party and satyrs and drunken revelry. Apparently the woman had not stopped here. The party catching up. In Ilsuran they did catch up. Here, apparently everybody is armed and well trained. Parts of the city. There is a strong and well-trained garrison. The party discovered that the lady can charm people. They stole some of her stuff from the ship, then confronted her with the captain of the night watch and some soldiers. By the time they had arrived back in his office, she had him charmed, and all hell broke loose when Siha convinced one of the soldiers to make a run for the church and spread the news.

– Alex 2009-07-03 15:25 UTC