Comments on 2009-10-12

Was the road construction stalled for three days in our absence, or is that just three days in total?

– Marco 2009-10-13 06:50 UTC

That’s the total and was entirely due to the rose stuff 2009-09-14. Also note that the road construction does not take 60 days. Hopefully the road will be finished before that. But it will have to be secured until day 60 because that’s when the lord’s inspector will arrive.

– Alex 2009-10-13 08:11 UTC

Ah, so the dealine is in 60 days.

One question: How pesky are these rose bushes again? Peregrin happens to be on good terms with a certain gnomish inventor in Manigmar, to whom he sold a giant magic scythe. The inventor was planning on building some sort of combine harvester for tough crops - which I recall everyone thought was a rediculous idea. Fortunately Peregrin knows better then to laugh in the face of progress. Perhaps Peregrin could make a trip to Manigmar at some point to check on his progress? This place would make the perfect testing ground for such a machine, and if it were successfull the value of the invention would be instantly proven beyond all doubt. Just think of the time we could save if we had an automated rose-clearing device!

– Marco 2009-10-14 11:01 UTC

It would be the an awesome bush-mowing smoke-spewing ash-pumping hell-machine powered by undead blades of doom and a crazy monkey gnome. I like it! :D

– Alex 2009-10-14 13:37 UTC

Hmm… I wonder…

Requirements: 1. Power source. Probaly magical - that way we can tell those pesky “energy conservation” physics rules to shut up and sit down. 2. Massive swinging blade. Probably rotationary but oscillatory would be cooler. Merely a question of complexity. 3. Mode of energy transfer. Got to convert the ash-pumping fire-belching into blade-swinging and bush-obliterating somehow. 4. Mobility. Wheels, tracks, sled… wings? Motor driven, animal drawn, or momentum fed? Gotta bring the mountain to Mohammed somehow. 5. Brakes. Well… maybe. If there’s time.

– Marco 2009-10-15 13:07 UTC