Comments on Bolas Spellbook

Just a note: I plan to play by all the rules, including the number of pages in spell books, pages used by scribing spells, the cost of scribing spells being 100 gp per spell level except for the two free spells you get when gaining a level, the cost of copying spells from another wizard’s spellbook being 50 gp per spell level, and the physical presence of spell books. Right now Bolas owns two spell books.

To give you an idea (in German), take a look at the spells available to my character Grenzmarken:Gars Charakterblatt and the two spellbooks he owns: Grenzmarken:Das grosse Buch der Schneckenmagie, Grenzmarken:Das Zauberbuch des toten Elfenmagiers. It requires a certain amountof accounting…

– Alex 2009-02-28 23:26 UTC

Sounds fair. Need to work out the number of pages in my current spell book etc.

– lioc 2009-03-01 07:13 UTC