Comments on Defeat at Thistletop

nice ascii art! Are we in chains or are we free to walk around (in the cell)?

– Marcel 2009-02-06 14:50 UTC

You are each in a cell, free to walk around. Every hour there is a goblin who comes to check on you. They will throw chicken bones and stones at anybody who is concentrating, praying, or studying. ;)

In a moment of silence Peregrin recalls the shouting he witnessed as you were led down into the dungeon. The goblin druid seemed extremely angry, and he kept insulting all the guards he saw on the way in, calling them dog spawn and horse lovers, saying that “they” were getting what they were deserving for consorting with a longshank. Such things would invariable draw more longshanks and sorcerers to Thistletop, he shouted. “It won’t be long, curs!! There will be a trickle at first but soon enough there will be an army besieging us here in Thistletop. Listening to the woman was a mistake, you hear me!? A mistake!!”

– Alex 2009-02-09 09:22 UTC

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