Comments on Haboob

Do you think that 3rd level is appropriate here? It seems quite powerful.

Acid Fog is two levels higher than Solid Fog, and does the same thing except that it deals 2d6 acid damage per round. There is only one level difference between Fog Cloud and Haboob yet Haboob deals (up to) 5d4 damage per round, and the damage doesn’t belong to a specified type. For example, Resist Energy (Acid) would keep you mostly safe from Acid Fog.

I’m not wanting to rain on anyone’s parade… let me know if my nitpicking bothers you and I’ll stop. :)

– Marco 2009-05-30 15:50 UTC

Well, if I understand the “general” feeling of many D&D players, it’s that the clouds are quite underpowered, with the odd exception. I would also throw in the comparison of Acid bolt (or what ever its called), which does 2d4 damage at level 2, followed by fireball at level 3 doing 5d6 (when it can be first used), so the level 3 spell is much more significant than the level 2 spell.

Fireball (or lightening bolt) goes up to 10d6 (to a smaller area, agreed), but still many time the damage that Haboob does (max 5d4). Generally then, Haboob is a useful situational spell, but as an offensive spell its rather lacking - 7 points of damage is what its done before now (per round), which isn’t that serious. Almost all the creatures we will meet from now on could choose to walk through it with little inconvenience (which is the idea - slow them down, block sight, the damage is almost incidental).

If you think back, the time it was useful was when there were a large number of very low level enemies in a confined space (the skinsaw minions), and a single firball would probably have killed them all (except those that made their save) with a single 3rd level spell - they were all within the 10ft radius of fireball, and I would guess (from the fight) that they had 10-15 Hps each, average roll on fireball (5d6) 17-18. So if Bolas had had fireball at that time, you might now be arguing that its overpowered!

With the gnolls, it served to bring them out of their hinding space, no more really.

To balance against the much reduced damage, its long lasting, and blocks sight, but I would still argue that 90% of the time a fireball would be more useful, but out of character :)

There are a number of other non-core fog type spells that I have passed over precisely because they are a bit over the top, but with Haboob, I shall enjoy using it in the situations where it turns out to be useful, which will probably last only another couple of levels… unlike fireball :P

Finally… Acid fog is also Solid Fog, so you can only move through it at 5ft per round, which is a reall inconvenience, especially with 2d6 per round!

– lioc 2009-05-30 18:06 UTC

on a related note… you post made me smile, because I was actually waiting for someone to complain that Bolas isn’t doing enough damage in his role as party wizard :)

He has a spell book full of “arty” rather than functional spells, with the exception being Kelgor’s firebolt. Now, I prefere that, putting a little thought into the use of each spell, but I am actually planning to take a Wizard cohort to fill in the gaps that Bolas is leaving!

– lioc 2009-05-30 18:33 UTC

Well defended. :)

Before anyone can complain that Bolas is doing enough damage as ‘the party wizard’, they first have to define the role as a ‘damage dealer’, and then Bolas has to accept the role. Bolas is doing a perfect job of disabling, blinding and dislodging our enemies into the teeth of the party’s meat grinders. Sly, but effective.

– Marco 2009-05-30 21:28 UTC

I think the spell is ok. Its a nice multi purpose spell.

– Marcel 2009-05-31 09:09 UTC