Comments on House Rules

I’ve made a significant change. I’ve heard at least one person say they did not like the auto-level rules. Unfortunately, I think they are very important in an Adventure Path if you have occasinal players like Dani. Therefore I’ve improved the auto level rule:

Long Absence Use the same rule as for new players, ie. “start at the same level as the lowest regular player character.”

– Alex 2009-10-15 13:45 UTC

Why not just set a “Maximul Level Difference” rule? You don’t have to define long absences or regular players, and it also solves the ‘cascading-lowest-level’ problem (ie. the lowest level regular player who just came back from a long absence then started at the lowest level, but was level drained a few times, then killed and resurrected, and now you get to share his level).

Maximum Difference When the highest level character changes level, all characters may be auto-leveled to that level minus three.

– Marco 2009-10-15 15:03 UTC

Looking at the situation we had recently: Most people are at level 8, one person is at level 7, what level should Krom have? The old rule said 6 (lowest level minus one). The new rule says 7 (lowest level), but in this particular case your solution says 5 – not what you intended, I’m sure. I agree, of course, that having to decide when something counts as a long absence is a judgment call. But it hasn’t been difficult, so that’s ok.

– Alex 2009-10-15 15:27 UTC

Well you can set the gap as you wish, of course.

– Marco 2009-10-16 06:59 UTC

I am generous and warm-hearted when it comes to occasional player. :)

– Alex 2009-10-16 08:19 UTC

Vorschlag für Planeshift Stimmgabelerschaffung [1]:

Plane Research Costs Production Cost Research Time
common obscure common obscure
Inner Plane/Transitive Plane 5001,5001001 Week 6 Weeks
Outer Plane 1,0003,0003002 Weeks 3 Months
Demiplane 5,00015,0004002 Months 1 Year
Alternate Material Plane 7503,0002503 Weeks 9 Weeks

– Alex 2010-10-11 10:47 UTC

What about the material plane? (sometimes one simply wants to get back…)

– Daniel B 2010-10-11 11:50 UTC

I disagree. :)

– Muldin 2010-10-11 11:55 UTC

@Daniel: Material Plane ist normalerweise kein Problem, weil ich annehmen würde, dass man für den eigenen Ort eine Stimmgabel automatisch anfertigt – sozusagen als Abschlussarbeit. Evt. hätte man sagen können, dass man nun dem Magier eine automatische Stimmgabel für Runeforge geben könnte. Aber wenn Jonas dagegen ist, würde ich gerne noch seine Interpretation hören. Meine eigene Vorstellun ist, dass man ohne Forschung alle Stimmgabeln finden oder von anderen Leuten erhalten muss (was ja noch strenger wäre).

– Alex 2010-10-11 14:29 UTC

My interpretation would be:

Tuning a fork for planes the character has visited should treated as ‘material components without cost’, that is, it’s assumed that you have/can tune them without further problems.

Tuning a fork for planes the character has never visited should be something involving a Knowledge(Planes) check.

The way I understand it, your house rules with the weeks of research for every single plane would simply mean that I can only use plane shift to get back to Golarion, and it won’t be useful otherwise. I don’t know the rest of the AP, but from what we saw until now, it seems like there will be a dungeon each for all the other runelords, probably in a demiplane? again. But those will have teleportation portals anyway, as otherwise (metagaming) parties without wizards could not possibly finish the AP.

But, Alex: I can live with your gygaxian scheme, no problem. Sorry for the overreaction before. It’s my natural response to fears of char-nerfing :)

– Muldin 2010-10-11 14:47 UTC

Hm. Perhaps it would make sense to start out with 1d4 tuning forks or something like that. You studied ancient tomes about plane travel, started working on it based on reports from earlier travels, experiment with this and that metal and shape, and eventually you end up with a small number of forks that work while all the other tuning forks have failed. Get a new tuning fork every time you gain a level.

– Alex 2010-10-11 22:44 UTC