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Naffer Vosk might be interested in running the glassworks? A calming, productive and constructive type of industry, suitable for someone trying to forget a difficult past? (That is if Peregrin, Antimata, Siha, or Caeron are not interested in running it - maybe Peregrin is already sort of running it on a daily basis?)

Bolas has also noticed that Razor Ocota has also found peace in Sandpoint, the restful and slightly sleepy town (the odd goblin excepted) has helped her forget the battles of the past, and her passion for finding new ones is ebbing away. Bolas suspects that Naffer’s efforts to convert Razor to Sarenrae may well be working, and Bolas expects that Razor will be confirmed to Sarenrae some time soon.
Bolas plans at a suitable point to hand the Wreck of the Grey Prince over to her, maintaining only a minor interest in the tavern (He would expect that in return for full ownership of the Tavern she would not argue with Bolas keeping his room in the old ship, since it has been his home for some 16 years). Bolas was waiting in Sandpoint only until his new path became clear, and currently it looks like the Runelords are going to be the major activity.
– lioc 2009-05-03 16:13 UTC

Peregrin running the glass factory? Despite his efforts to get the factory running, he’ll very politely decline the offer. Surely he’ll assist Ameiko with hiring a factory manager and getting his clan members settled into their new homes and roles. But the truth is (although he masks it well) he doesn’t really know a thing about making glass, running a large business, or working a hard day’s honest labour. However, he’ll happily stand as a representative of the Notwise clan, will travel abroad and acquire glass contracts, and will establish himself as a known figure within Sandpoint. It’s kind of a neat little border town with hardy folk and an uncertain future, and Pergrin likes the place. Sandpoint needs all the help it can get, and Peregrin’s just the sort of stout hearted little fellow this place needs more of.

Peregrin is dubious about making Naffer Vosk the manager of the glassworks, as it is said he has connections to smuggling and pirates. When Lonjiku Kaijitsu ran the glassworks he had smuggling tunnels built to the waterfront, and used them extensively. Presumably there are smugglers waiting to re-establish their business, and this may prove to be too much of a temptation for a man with a shady past. Elements of his past might just make him an ‘offer he can’t possibly refuse’, as they say. As 49% owners in the glassworks, perhaps one of the clan ought to oversee the running of the factory?

Presumably we have decided upon a factory manager and the factory will have begun producing again. The first shipment is ready for delivery. Peregrin will leave the factory to Ameiko and whoever is managing it, and oversee its first delivery under new ownership.

– Marco 2009-05-03 20:34 UTC

what sort of slander is this! Naffer having so connection with Priates, indeed {cough}.

Naffer is a reformed man, a cleric of Sarenrae no less.

– lioc 2009-05-03 21:01 UTC

Um… well, I kind of read it um, here.

– Marco 2009-05-04 07:49 UTC

Clearly, a reformed man! :)

– Alex 2009-05-04 08:36 UTC

yes, clearly slander, published on this website to discredit his efforts to bring the Dawnflower to Sandpoint!

– lioc 2009-05-05 05:44 UTC