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I could change the layout of the Sandpoint Bank page if you wanted. To avoid confusion there should only be one magic item page, or at least a master page. I’m not so keen on entering the loot twice each session.

– Marco 2009-05-29 07:13 UTC

I was thinking of swapping the Sandpoint Bank page for the Alternate View page, but since you had done all the work, I did not want to just do it, since you might be upset! I agree, we don’t want to do anything twice, but if we have one page with everyone’s magical equipment it will be easier to keep track.

If you agree, I will swap the sanpoint bank with my proposal, otherwise I delete it, and we carry on as it was

– lioc 2009-05-29 19:05 UTC

Well the advantage of what I was doing is that it keeps record of not only magic items, but also art objects, gems, their references, and maintains a transaction history of everything. Why do this? Well, firstly it itemises the party wealth, but also in case Alex ever asks “What is that ring, and where did you get it?”. This sort of question could arise should anyone’s dog eat their character sheet. I know I’m just making redundancy backups of everything, but that’s the diligent trustworthy kind of guy Peregrin is.

I’ll order the items by player in the main page.

– Marco 2009-05-29 19:13 UTC

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