Defeat at Thistletop

The party was still in the dungeon they discovered two sessions ago. There was this door through which a lot of moaning was to be heard. Boldly the door was opened, and the party was attacked by an aberration with 3 arms. It was obviously insane. Everybody tried to not get too close to that thing, and soon it was killed. Everybody was happy about the loot from this creature: a small longsword +1, which was sold later.

Checking the room where the creature came from revealed 11 small pits with a zombie in it. This must be some kind of a storage room for those undead creatures. God knows what they are used for.

The party returned to the city to recover, and returned to the dungeon some days later. They only found another staircase which was a dead end, and a strange medidation chamber where gravity seems to have no meaning. A magical scroll, a wand (of shocking grasp), a bottle of wine and a book about monsters could be retrieved from that room.

Since there was nothing more to do in the dungeon the party returned to the city and told sheriff Hemlock, who just returned from getting reinforcements, about those zombies. His men will take care of it.

Adventurers Wanted!
Hemlock contracted some local adventurers including a wandering priest of Sarenrae to cleaned the place up. When they opened the door to the strange room they didn’t find any demon there. They investigated the translucent “lava” pool and were unable to figure out what it did. Apparently an artifact of the old empire. Father Zanthus wrote to his church superiors in Manigmar, asking for a scholar and an exorcist to take care of these things.

A merchant who just got attacked by goblins came into the city. He promised 200 gold for anyone who can bring his horse back. So the party rushed to the place he was attacked, and they got attacked themselves by 6 goblins. However, the goblins stood no chance. The last one told the party that the horse has been brought to thistletop as a present for their (human) leader. The party then started looking for the fort at thistletop.

After several hours of searching the party finally found the fort at thistletop. However, they couldn’t find a plan to actually get in there. They noticed that there are some goblins around the fort, maybe camping. With no idea as what to do, the party returned to the city.

In the evening a brawl broke out between the guests of the wreck and the guest of another restaurant. The police rounded them up quickly. A strange snake with a goblin head wanted to use the confusion to go undetected. It seemed like this snake attracted other snakes, all the snakes in the city. The party reacted fast und killed the snake before anyone could be poisoned.

Word was spread that the party is looking for Shalelu, the elf, and after a few days she showed up. She told the party that the goblins around the fort must be refugees from other tribes. So a plan was formed: Attacking the refugee-goblins and preventing the thistletop goblins from helping them. This should spread anger among the tribes.

The plan was carried out as planed. However, somehow the information about that plan must been leaked to the enemy. Less than 30 seconds after the attack from our party a high level druid with his panther showed up from nowhere, claiming “I’ve been waiting for you”, and entangling 2 of the 3 party members, and Shalelu. Siharon, entangled and immobilised, got attacked with flames/fire from the druid till all the potions he had were empty and he went down. The party surrendered soon afterwards while Shalelu could escape to get some help…

Later that night…

You stare out of your cells, covered in dirt and goblin excrement. There are six cells in this room, all along the same wall. Occasionally you hear a dreadfull howling from the door to the north. The sound feels like grinding glass shards in your knees and makes you shiver like cold dogs.

Yesterday they took Bertram upstairs and cut off both his hands because he would not cut down his friend for warchief Ripnugget’s entertainment. The goblins chased bleeding Bertram around the throne room and cut him to pieces, bit by bit. It took him a long time to die. The friend he spared was brought back downstairs. When the goblins taunted him and ordered him to tell his fellow prisoners what had happened, the prisoner was unable to talk, so they kicked him in his knee and kicked his face while they told you what had happened. At the end the nameless prisoner just fell on his face and the story was finally over. The goblins made sure the prisoner did not bleed to death and dumped him in a cell next to you.

You were dragged across the rope bridge into the trophy hall. You still remember the grizzly sight of poorly preserved horse and dog heads mounted along the eastern wall and a pair of large batlike wings tacked to the southern wall with daggers. You remember two double doors, one going west and one going north. Left of the northern double door was a smaller door. Right of the northern door was a small corridor leading to a door in the east. The left wall of that corridor had two more doors on the left wall. You were carried through the first door after the big northern double door…

              > down
    |               +
  ---       ---------
  +         |
  +         /
  |        +
  |       +  entrance

The stairs doubled back south into a big room with three doors on the southern wall, a door in the east and a door in the west wall, and a door in the northern wall, to your right. You were carried west through a corridor into the prison room you’re in now. The six cells are around the southern wall. There are two more doors on the northern wall.

             #+ keys?   up <
             #             #
  -----+-----+-   -+-------#--
  |           |   |          |
  |           +###+          +
  |…|…|…|…|…|…|   |          |
  | | | | | | |   ---+--+--+--

Two hours ago, Nualia has also come to see you. She was in the company of a floating black dog about five feet tall. Siha calls them “yeth hounds” and says they are infernal creatures used by the monstrous armies of hell to track their enemies. Apparently their baying bends minds causes panic. Possibly a gift sent by Lamashtu, says Siha. Nualia’s left hand has in fact been transformed in a demonic red talon and her belly bears the ugly scars of Lamashtu. She didn not seem very interested in you and soon left you.

Just a few seconds ago, a guy wearing banded mail, a bastard sword, a heavy steel shield, and a composite longbow – all of excellent quality – entered the prison, alone. He looked at you for quite a while. Then he said “My name is Orik. I work for Nualia…”