Flesh Golem

Following up on the shapechangers information, the party investigated rumours about the Shadow Clock. Apparently the Shadow Clock is a rickety old tower underneath the Irespan, with local rumour explaining that it is expected to fall at any moment. Local rumour also describes slithering noises coming from the tower, and strange, snake like shadows sometimes being visible. Locals are reluctant to investigate, however there is money to be made betting on the colapse of the tower, should one wish to indulge in the foolishness of gambling.

Bolas also decided to follow up on the information that the creature was a Lamia, something of which he was previously unaware. Bolas spent some time with an old ranger and the Magnimar Menagerie, but was unable to find any useful information about Lamias, however he did considerably expand his knowledge of Geography for the Varisia region. Bolas also enquired about town on the topic, to no useful result. Trips through the town did succeed in locating a somewhat seedy dwarf merchant, what was able to sell Bolas a scroll of greese, and a scroll of Dispel Magic. The dwarf, by the name of Gar, also sold Bolas a scroll said to enable the summoning of a Feindish Giant Killer Frog. Bolas was unsure what this creature might be, but was intrigued, and looking forward to testing out this suposedly fearsome creature. Bolas was able to scribe Greese and the summon spell into his spell book, but will need to await more funds before he is able to scribe the Dispel Magic spell.

The party decided to study the tower for a couple of days, selecting as vantage points two close taverns, the “Stairway to Heaven” and the “Crushed Duck”. It was at this point that the information pertaining to the local gambling on the issue of tower sturdiness came to light.

Bolas and Peregrin watched from the Crushed Duck, the others from the Stairway to Heaven. Two uneventful nights passed, though Bolas and Peregrin spent some time swaping tale of fair Ostenso, one of the larger ports on the west side of Andoran, as it turned out that they had both spent time in that location. Bolas was very pleased to be able to clearly establish that Peregrin agreed that slavery and the slave trade were not to be tolerated.

Following the unsuccessful observation, a direct assault was determined to be the best resort. With a Storm building overhead, Bolas knew that critical events were in play. For good, or ill.

Without further delay, Antímata kicked down the door. Peregrin (who was waiting for a suitable lightening strike to hide the noise) gained some splinters, and some insight into blocking the path between a Paladin and Evil. Entry into the tower was then done by stealth, presumably on the grounds that after the noise of kicking down the door, noone would be foolish enough to actually enter the tower. To our surprise, a large scarcrow poped up, and bashed Siha a couple of times. Due to a number of encounters on the Qadira and Taldor border, Bolas was able to identify the creature as a Golem of some kind, probably flesh (on account of the fact is was made mostly from horses and cows), and recognised it as tough opponent. Its was also recognised though that most golems had a weakness to certain magics, despite a dramatic resistance to most magical energies, Bolas recalled dimly that Fire was bad for Flesh Golems, and quickly launched a fire bolt at its head. Luckily the creature was indeed slowed, a most futuitious happenstance, or the struggle might have gone quite poorly. Seeing that standing to fight was a bad idea, Siha called out a general retreat, and all fled under the cover of a Fog Cloud. The party escaped into the slum districts of Magnimar.

After much discussion, its was eventually agreed that some sort of Siege Engine was probably need to contfront such a monstrosity as this golem. Peregrin quickly moved to the docks, with Bolas, and procured the services to two Balista and crew for the following evening, in return for a few simple coins to aid them in wetting their throats while waiting for a more suitable contract. Peregrin was also able to make use of his local contacts to ensure that the planned assault on the Shadow Clock with Siege Engines would not be disrupted by local law enforcement agencies.

Recognising that fire was their primary (indeed only) advantage in this fight, 6 flasks of Alchemical Fire were purchased to boost the power of the Balista.

With everything in place, balista stationed at good points, the ground broken up to prevent charging, and all ready, Siha went into the tower to converse with the Golem. Apparently the golem did not speak “ray of frost”, but the party did gain the useful knowledge that Cold also slowed the golem down. What followed was a desparate chase as the golem tried to kill Peregrin while being assulted with Siege Engines, magic attacks, ranged attacks, melee attacks, and giant frogs. Although the frog turned out to be somewhat disapointing against such a tough opponent, it was indeed giant, Bolas having never in his considerably well travelled life having encountered a frog quite so large. The positioning of the rough ground proved to be vital, keeping Peregrin alive long enough to whittle the golem down. In time, it recognised its likely doom, and fled, chased by several people. Who exactly fired the final shot will never be known (unless you have a Legend Lore handy), but sufice to say, the golem was dead.