The party headed out of the manor, and rested up for the night next to the river, some miles away from the house. The next day, they agreed to return to continue investigation, the day started with a coming storm, which Bolas took to be a good omen. Upon returning to Foxglove manor, the party were surprised to find that the creatures in the cave beneath the manor were dead. They passed a number of dead goblin ghouls, and eventually found the corpse of Aldern Foxglove, who also appeared to be a ghoul, in the arms of the revenant. It looked like Aldern Foxglove had killed the woman, who had some strong connection to him, or some powerful motive to avenge her own death. The ghoul that Aldern Foxglove had turned into had no real chance against the powerful undead spirit he had himself created.

On the corpse of Aldern Foxglove they found a magic war razor (+1), a “Stalkers Mask” which gives bonuses to hide checks, and ring of jumping, and a ring of defense (+1 deflection). They also found a letter to Aldern Foxglove, and two keys, one a large key with an opel on it, the other a strange lion headed key. The letter to Aldern was from “Mistress wanton of natures pagan forms”, clearly another dearanged lunatic bent on efforts of evil madness. This particular lunatic refered to a townhouse belonging to Aldern, in Magnimar, and to some mysterious “Brothers”. Finally there was reference to some “delivery”. The letter would appear to be instructions to Aldern to kill people listed on a seperate list of names, ensuring in each case to mark to person with the Sihedron rune before killing them. This must in some way relate to the Runelords, and their runewells.

With Aldern dead, there would appear to be no further reason to examine the house, however before leaving, the area was eximened one last time. A mysterious patch of fungus was found, in wall of the cave. Caeron felt that this was the source of the evil in the house, and that a Dispell Evil spell was needed to finally expunge the evil force haunting the house. With no access to such magic the party chose to move on, though Caeron did mention that the fungus looked quite tasty.

The final even in Misgivings was the location of an enormous bat like creature, which also looked to be undead. Thankfully Bolas had memorised several “control undead” spells in anticipation of battles with ghouls and revenants, and had one spare. As a result there was no need to fight the creature, which truly looked fearsome. On exploring its cave, a “Hat of Disguise” was found, and was claimed by Peregrin to hide his rapidly developing skin condition.

THey returned to Sandpoint, prior to heading to Magnimar.