Freeing Ameiko

While strolling the streets of Sandpoint and enjoying our new found popularity, the party encounter a distresses woman carrying a baby. Her name is Amele Barrett and she says that there is a goblin in her house. Her husband went in to her son’s bedroom and never came out. We make haste to her house and enter to find both baby and husband lying face down in their own blood on the bedroom floor. The goblin is still hiding in the closet, and is swiftly dispatched. Antímata takes Amele to the temple and breaks the news to her gently.

The sheriff, Belor Hemlock feels that the goblins are getting out of control, and that more manpower is required. He departs for Brinewall by ship to request reinforcements, leaving a rather inexperienced second-in-command. The local populus are becoming paranoid, and the party begin assisting the officials by searching houses for goblins, maintaining their presence around town, and keeping the morale.

Peregrin seeks audience with Lonjiku Kaijitsu, the owner of the famed glass works and Aemiko’s father.

The party is invited on a boar-hunt by Foxglove, the young noble we rescued in the initial Goblin assault. He is evidently quite taken by Antímata’s charms. We meet Ameiko Kaijitsu for the first time at the Rusty Dragon inn. Peregrin makes an unprecedented blunder by mentioning her father, and Ameiko is clearly disturbed by the mention of his name. It seems that some old wound has been reopened, and some obersevers inform us of their unsavoury family history.

One morning, Siha awakes at the Rusty Dragon inn and notices that Ameiko is missing. The servants open her room and find the bed unslept in. A note is found from Aemiko’s brother which, after being translated, reveals that she went to the glass works last night. The party is roused and dispatched to the glass works.

Upon arrival all is quiet. The neighbours have heard nothing, although smoke still issues from the furnace chimneys. Antímata detects evil within the building, and a rather disorganised bumbling breach is made through one of the windows. The goblins inside are waiting but after a brief scuffle retreat to the cellars. The bodies of the glass-workers are scattered about the room, and Lonjiku’s body is swinging from the factory rafters. The party follow the goblins down into the cellars, and are attacked by a monk. The goblins are slain and the monk is killed trying to flee. It turns out the monk is Tsuto Kaijitsu; Aemiko’s brother, and Aemiko herself is found bound and gagged in a nearby room. She shows no remorse at her brother’s death, but is shocked beyond words by the scene that awaits her on the factory floor. She is escorted to the cathedral. On Tsuto’s body is a magical ring (which is given to Antímata), and a small leather-bound journal which contains notes detailing various possible plans to attack Sandpoint. There are also some mentions of a demoness, apparently Tsuto’s lover. There is also a mention that Nualia, Father Tobin’s adopted daughter, is running and organising the goblin attacks, and there are details of ‘help’ from various third parties in attacking the town.

Event have been set in motion which cannot be undone, and the party must act before it’s too late. (I really wanted to write that one day).

The party detect a passage leading further underground, and follow several thousand feet to a beach. Seems to be a smuggling route used by Lonjiku Kaijitsu. Perhaps he was not so reputable after all. They find a second tunnel which leads from the beach back towards town, and follow it. They are attacked by a nasty looking, red-eyed, sharp-toothed, evil thing which has a horrible supernatural aura which causes all dice-rolls against it to be two or less.

…to be continued… (I also wanted to write that)