Getting the Henchmen

So Orik told the party that he works for Nualia. But it seems that he didn’t like the goblins too much. Thanks to the party’s excellent social skills he was quickly convinced to help them a little by giving them infos. So they had a little chat…


Shalelu recruted Caeron, a human cleric, and a friendly pirate to help her to free her friends. They used the night as cover and sailed with a small boat nearby. There was a cave beneath the thistletop castle, and it lead into the lower parts of the castle, on the level where the prison cells were. The tentacle monster inside the cavern was quickly convinced to eat the meat they brought along instead of eating the Shalelu. They found the entrance and soon entered the room with the prison cells. After fetching their equipment (thx Orik!) they fled the premise to fight another day…by the way: there were some very disturbing noises coming from one room. Goblins in sinful behaviours.

Back in sandpoint it was decided that the castle must be infiltrated using that very tunnel they used to escape. So after recovering and “getting to know each other” (Caeron joined the party) the raid party returned. First the room with the ladies was cleaned. Then the 2 yeth hounds in the underground cathedral were killed, one after the other. This was not easy since normal weapons couldn’t damage them. Only the tiny little dagger of Peregrin was able to really hurt them.
After the 2 dogs more rooms were searched. They found a room with a wizard, and although the wizard fought good she stood no chance and was quickly fleeing. Yelling “Nualia, disarm the traps!” she run downwards. She was intercepted and knocked unconscious. With this new prisoner the party decided to leave, after looting her room. Lots of goodies for Bolas!