Goblin Tribes

Thistletop Goblins - Nualia appeared to have complete control over these goblins

The Thistletop Goblins have made their home in the massive head of a broken statue, which is just off shore, 5 miles east of Sandpoint. The head is partly submerged, and is hollowed out with rooms. Parts of the head are flooded, but there are several entrances, some under water, some not. The Goblins have a camp on the top of the head, as well as controlling some of the inside, but not all. They have made a simple rope bridge to the shore, and their Druid made a maze of briar, to block passage to the island, though this has just recently been burned out, and may take some time to return (or not, who knows)

Birdcruncher Tribe

Lick Toad Goblins These Goblins live in the Brineswamp?
Shanks Wood Goblins

Mosswood Goblins