Bolas spent the last few days of Arodus preparing for the Swallowtail Festival. The last of the summer fruits were being prepared for storage, either as jams or pickled in brandy. Shipments of spices were arriving for the wide spread of dishes that Bolas and Razor had planned for the festival. The end of Arodus was also the time to prepare for the season of Rovagug, Bolas has a healthy respect for all deities of Chaos, but especially for those with War and Destruction in their portfolios. Like the night before a heavy storm, filled with tension, these last two years had been fairly tense with anticipation for Bolas, as he waited for the reason why Brisane had brought him to this small port.

On the day of the festival Bolas could feel that something interesting would take place, a new cathedral, dedicated to a right mix of Gods, on Desna’s holy day, on the first day of Rovagug’s season… he could just feel Brisane chuckling in the background. Chaos had been ordered, and would no doubt be delivered! Also ordered was his fresh fish, seasoned with a few herbs and spices from Galt, and his famous River Kingdom Gumbo, both of which proved very popular, and he had even managed to get a few more people to try the Brinewall Sour, though with admittedly with mixed results. Bolas took care to also sample the work of Ameiko Kaijitsu, she was by far the most accomplished person to compete with him, on a culinary basis. Pretty good he thought, a good example of sweet and sour fish.

Then, in the middle of some tedious speech, Chaos arrived. Goblins had been creeping into the crowds, and now attacked at random, singing one of their silly little goblin songs. Bolas was very glad that he had never taken the time to learn their annoying language. He looked around, in case for some reason Razor was about, she was good with the evil little creatures, but she must looking after Wreck.

Bolas considered the pitiful selection of spells he had been left with when arriving here in Sandpoint, and decided that unfortunately the best thing would be to fire some arrows. Though certainly diverting, there were not enough Goblins to constitute a real threat, so Bolas was not particularly worried. Now a clan of Qadira desert goblins, with a company or two of Bugbears, that was a threat, but this was attack on Sandpoint was nothing like that, thankfully. Seeing that some of the little pests were trying to set fire to the new Cathedral, Bolas lobbed a couple of rays of frost in their direction. He didn’t have anything in particular for, or against, the Cathedral, but since he appeared to be on the side that wasn’t attacking, he felt that some sort of defense of the structure was called for. He also noted that the Halfling, Peregrin appeared to be giving a good account for himself. The Paladin and the Celestial were also holding their own as well, and not doing too much damage with their overdeveloped sense of law.

All too soon the Goblins were gone, though a particularly pesky creature with a bow had managed to inflict quite a bit of damage. The most entertaining part was the group of Goblins chasing that noble, Aldern Foxglove was his name Bolas thought, but Peregrin and the two agents of Law sorted that lot out. Aldern didn’t appear to be overburdened with common sense, but was happy to be rescued, and was making some feeble passes at the Paladin. Aldern mentioned that he would contact them again. Bolas felt that this nobel was a bit insignificant to follow up on that, but you never know…

Following the battle, Bolas checked on the Wreck, to make sure that the Goblins hadn’t also attacked there, then consulted with the Sheriff. It appeared that the attack on the Cathedral was a distraction, while another group looted the graveyard of the corpse of Father Tobin. Most odd. Bolas also got talking to the other three who were instrumental in beating the Goblins, Peregrin, Siha, and Antimata. Since Peregrin and Antimata were staying in the Wreck, Bolas was already familiar with them, though he was somewhat surprised to learn that Peregrin was from Ostenso. Probably wise not to show too much knowledge of that particular city, interesting place though it was. Bolas didn’t imagine that the Eagle Knights had forgotten about him yet.

Bolas could feel that this attack was related to whatever it was that had caused Brisane to leave him here, and the other three appeared to have time on their hands, so they all took to investigating the attack. One of the Goblins had been captured, and it turned out that Peregrin spoke the squeaking mess that was their language. Peregrin managed to get a fair bit out of it, by making some fairly outrageous promises (something about letting the Goblin go Peregrin said). Bolas smiled to himself, there was indeed a pretty good cliff in Sandpoint for letting go of Goblins, though personally he would put some cold steel into its ribs first, and tie some rocks to its feet, tricky little things Goblins.