Turned out that the noble, Aldern was up to his offer of some sport. He came through with a boar hunt. Most diverting, and potentially interesting. Bolas was happy to go along, if only because he knew a few good recipes for Boar from some of the eastern countries of Aviston. If they caught such a creature, Bolas decided that he would see if they could share it with Ameiko, see what she could do with a boar.

The boar hunt was moderately successful, unfortunately only a single such creature was found, but it turned out to be pretty tasty. Aldern continued to flirt with Antímata the whole time, but Bolas didn’t think his luck was in there.

Boals and Peregrin visited the Glassworks, Peregrin for some business for his family or something, Bolas, because he was interested in some glassware for the Wreck.

When they got back to town, they were confronted by a crying woman, one of the Alagast family possibly, she claimed that Goblins had attack in their home. The four of them looked into it, and it turned out to be correct, there was a Goblin there, it had killed the son and the father, but died pretty quick once they got it out of the closet it was hiding in. They quickly found the sheriff, and instituted a house search for all of Sandpoint. Can be most meddlesome, Goblins. Antimata, with her ability to detect evil, was very useful here. While speaking to the sheriff, Bolas also made sure that the Goblin captured previously had been dealt with appropriately.

The next day, the Celestial, Siha, reported that Ameiko was missing from the Rusty Dragon. Her assistant found a letter, for Ameiko’s brother, indicating that Ameiko should visit the glassworks, that night, to discuss their father. The four of them investigated, and found the Glassworks overrun with Goblins. The goblins had killed all the staff, though there was no sign of the father. After further investigation, Tsuto was found, Ameiko’s brother, he proved to be most belligerent, but fell to the blade of the Paladin. They found a diary, and some other notes. These indicated that Tsuto was in league with a woman named Nualia, who might be some form of demon, and that also, a major attack on Sandpoint was planned, sometime in the future. 200 Goblins apparently. That would be a problem. They alerted the sheriff, then continued to investigate the tunnels under Sandpoint. Bolas wondered whether they linked up with the tunnels under the Wreck of the Grey Prince, so sent word back to Razor to be especially cautious, and to keep an eye out for Goblins…