Abadar - Master of the First Vault, LN, God of Cities, Wealth, Merchants, and Law
Brisane - Lord of Storms, CN, God of Storms
Desna - Song of the Spheres, CG, Goddess of Dreams, Stars, Travellers, and Luck
Erastil - Old Deadeye, LG, God of Farming, Hunting, Trade, and Family
Gozreh - The Wind and the Waves, N, Deity of Nature, Weather, and the Sea
Norgorber - The Reaper of Reputation, NE, God of Greed, Secrets, Poison, and Murder
Sarenrae - The Dawnflower, NG, Goddess of the Sun, Redemption, Honesty, and Healing
Shelyn - The Eternal Rose, NG, Goddess of Beauty, Art, Love, and Music