In-Game Notes

Some mysterious notes…

note 1 “On frozen mountain Xin awaits,
this regal voice the yawning gats
Keys turn twice in Sihedron-
Occulted Runeforge waits within.”

Also, some notes which Lidda hastily scribbled down:
The city of Xin Chalast is one of the seven cities.
The mountain is the Maher Nessiv(?).
The river is called the Alph.
The valley is sacred to Desna.

note 2“On eastern shores of steaming mirror
at the end of day when dusk is nearer
Where seven fans silent wait
Encircled guards at Runeforge gate.”

note 3“Each stone of the grace of seven lords,
One part of key each ruler hoards,
If offered spell and proper prayers;
Take seven keys and climb the stairs”

note 4“If magic bright is your desire
To old Runeforge must you retire!
For only there does Wizard’s art
Receive its due and proper start.”

note 5“And now you’ve come and joined the forge
Upon rare lore your mind can gorge-
And when you slough the mortal way
In Runeforge long your work shall stay”