Lidda is a wandering halfling cleric who recently left her homeland to follow the ways of Desna; travelling, helping, and inspiring dreams. She arrived in Manigmar and after hearing tales of a party of courageous heroes in nearby Sandpoint, she decided to seek them out. Eventually she found her way to the Hagfish Tavern and got chatting to the owner, a rough old man named Bolas, and was entertained by the bard Krom who performed there. She discussed local politics with Antìmata the deputy sheriff, and was intrigued by Siha the celestial, spellcasting, multi talented warrior. She had been particularly looking forward to meeting the halfling but could not find him anywhere. Eventually she asked some of the halflings who ran the glass factory who brought her to the secluded glass factory office where Pergrin sat for hours upon end, staring gloomily across the ocean.

She introduced herself, and Peregrin humored her politely, and they begin to chat. Peregrin’s interest was piqued when he learned that Lidda was a starting out cleric of Desna, and the conversation turned quickly to her religion about which Lidda eagerly shared what she knew. Over the next days Peregrin and Lidda regularly met and discussed many things pertaining to the worship of Desna, the nature of luck, and wanderlust. It seems that these ideas rekindled some of Pregrin’s spirit, and it was decided to leave the now sleepy town of Sandpoint and seek adventure once more. Peregrin wanted to learn more about the path of Desna, Lidda was looking for adventure, and an agreement was made that Lidda might join the group for a time.


Lidda: Halfling cleric 9 of Desna, chaotic good, 80hp
Abilities: STR 9, DEX 18, CON 18, INT 12, WIS 21, CHA 10
AC: 25 (10 + 6 armor + 2 shield + 2 deflection + 3 dex + 1 dodge + 1 size). Touch AC 15, Flat footed AC 21.
Saves: Fort 11, Reflex 10, Will 12
BAB: 6/1
Skills: Heal +11, Hide +4, Knowledge (Geography) +12, Knowledge (Religion) +12, Listen +7, Tumble +13
Feats: Lightning reflexes, Augment healing, Dodge, Skill focus (tumble)
Domain Powers: Reroll 1/day (Luck), Automatic Freedom of Movement for 9 rounds/day (Travel)

Turning Check: 3x/day d20 + 0 (cha) + 2 (synergy)
Max HD affected: 0=lvl-4HD, 1-3=-3HD, 4-6=-2HD, 7-9=-1HD, 10-12=+0HD, 13-15=+1HD, 16-18=+2HD, 19-21=+3HD, 22=+4HD
Turning Damage: 2d6 + 0 cha + lvl