The party load up a caravell with Glassware, for shipping to the Notwise clan of Ostenso. The ship laid over to take on supplies at Kintargo, then headed out round the coast, towards the Ravounel Forest. While approaching Cape Dis Bolas spots an unusual storm formation, and decides to lay over for the night to investigate further. Their ship pulls into the port of Fair Haven and the party head into town, for a short bit of shore leave.

It is quickly apparent that all is not right with the town, and local fishermen are grumbling about the lighthouse no longer working, and about how they are afraid to investigate. They have pressured Mayor Alexander Montcrief into approaching the party to investigate, with a 250gp per person reward being offered as a sweetner. Apparently things went strange about 3 weeks ago.

There are also rumours of a strange hermit, living on the coast, apparently he is named Daniachew, who is thought to call storms, and generally be a suspicious character. This is exaclty what Bolas has been looking for.

They buy up some healing potions, from Bronwyn's Elixars and then head into the wild, to look for the lighthouse. Before finding it however, they encounter Daniachew the strange hermit living on a rock outcroping. The old man there is clearly as mad as a box of frogs, however he does prove to be an interesting conversationalist, and Bolas is able to identify that he is a follower of Brisane. This is most useful, first of all the old man is able to provide some pointers for Bolas’s research into a spell to “Call Lightening”, but secondly he might be able to offer information about the Lighthouse. Ultimatly howver, although interesting, he has little to say on the subject. The party agree to return to him after they have investigated a little.

Carrying on towards the lighthouse, the party encounters an old manner building, together with the lighthouse, within old stone walls. They get through the gate easily enough, and decide to approach the lighthouse immediatly. This is where things go wrong. Some sort of powerful enchantment scares Peregrin into running away, though the others are not affected, and then it turns out that the door to the lighthouse has some sort of magical protection, which easily defeats the parties attemts to gain entrance, which is made all the more annoying when the door shouts at the party telling them to go away. Eventually they give up, and head over towards the mannor house.

Everyone climed up the side of the manner house, and made their way towards one of the two towers that are part of the building. Suddenly a mysterious singing is heard. Bolas recognises some sort of malign effect, and is able to resist, however Antímata, Siha, and Peregrin all fall under the influence of the spell. In desperation Bolas casts protection from Evil on Himself, and them quickly onto Antímata, freeing her from the effect. In turn, Antímata casts protection from evil on Siha, and the two of them quickly kill the creature that attacks them. It would appear that they had been affected by a Harpy! Searching the dead creature, and looting it’s smelly hovel reveal some valuables, and also a ring (Protection +2) and a Rod of Withering

The party climbs down the side of the manner, and peer into a breach in the wall. They are surprised by a group of gnolls, who fire bows, and fight well. They prove to be a challenge, with a lot of damage done to the party, however finally the leader falls, and the last gnoll surrenders. They had powerful bows, and their leader had a magic axe (+1). The remaining Gnoll (of the Broken Blade tribe) tells of fish men (Locotar, Pomatamus is leader, apparently he rides a Sea Cat), and of contracts for help (for 7,500gp), but has little other information.

While looting the room, a Large Scorpion attacks Siha, however is fails to survive even a single blow!

The party decides to rest up, returning to Fair Haven, but spotting by Daniachew on the way. Bolas introduces Lenna to Daniachew, and the two appear to get on rather well. Daniachew is impressed with the Rod of Withering.

After resting up, and returning to the manner, the party once more enters the manner house. They encounter a nest of scorpions, probably related to the one that attacked Siha earlier. They no match for the party however.