Investigating the room of the scorpions, Bolas finds evidence of magic, and following his lead, Peregrin is able to locate a Ring, with a scrap of paper in it. The ring “tingles” when put on, but is otherwise dull. The paper reads Sareth Tuel, and appears to also do nothing…

The party broke through the floor of the room, and found an old wine celler. Since the casks appear to be full if vinegar, they assume that the house has been abandoned for some time (the broken walls are another hint of course).

Searching further on the ground floor found a Trophy Room, with the skulls of many creatures. The only one to catch the parties eye is the Black Dragon head, which they estimate is from a Young Adult. One of the Dragons horns was dismountable, and contained a scroll of Deathward. Bolas claimed the skull for the Wreck of the Grey Prince, and it will take a good spot in the main drinking room, maybe even inside the Giants Helmet found earlier.

While looking through other damaged rooms, they are attacked by 6 dire weasles. The weasles have a nasty bite, and are good at conducting electricity, as Siha found out. The Anarchic_Killer_Frog apparently found them tasty, and got it’s first meal eating one. Go Frog.

Having thoroully investigated a locked and spelled door, the party conclude that there must be more going on in the cellar, and investigate further, finding three secret doors! Door 1 led to a lond corridor, door 2 had an elaborate dining room behind it, and door 3 led into a rocky passage. Bolas was disappointed to find no goats behind any of the three doors.

Going through on the the doors, they find a corridor, and a further locked door. Rather than facing the corridor, which everyone suspect contains something nasty, they get Antímata to kick down the door, which she does in her usual style.

A temple is found. Dedicated to some dark deity, with demonic murals depicting burning cities and hideous demons on the walls, statues of demons on the floor, and a stone altar at the end. Peregrin quickly locates a hidden compartment in the altar, and find some loot, however when trying for the Gems in the eys sockets of the larger statue, he triggers a trap! 2 Bearded Devils appear. They surprise Peregrin and he quickly drops to their nasty blows. Unconcious, Peregrin nearly bleeds to death. A desperate fight ensues, and after much effort Siha slays one of the devils, and Antímata saves Peregrin. Reaslising that staying would be a mistake, Bolas uses his recently mastered Air Blast spell to hold back the last remaining demon, until is disappears once more.

Peregrin is determined to get the loot, and goes back for the gems, finding two large rubies worth 1,500gp each in reward for nearly dying.

Behind some hanging carpets, the party find a door that leads to the priests room. His spectre remains though. After battling 2 devils, 1 spectre is almost easy, and is killed quickly. In the room, they find from black plate mail (+2), a mace (magical), and a book that indicated that the priest and the lord of the manner were killed by some demon that they managed to summon.