For the next journey to the lighthouse Lenna chose to accompany Bolas, formally begining her apprenticeship.

The party returned to the old ruined manner, and once more examined the tunnels beneath the old building.

While looking suspiciously as a strange pool on the floor of the tunnel, suspecting that it might be some form of ooze, the party was surprised by a group of Dire Weasles. Fortunatly the close confines of the tunnels prevented the creatures from using their normal swarm like tactics, and Siha, Peregrin, and Antímata were able to defeat many of the creatures, at which point the Grey oozes attacked. Siha lost his armour to one of the oozes, however Lenna was able to help with a mage armour spell. Overall the oozes and Weasles proved troublesome and annoying, but not leathal, much to everyone’s relief.

Past these tunnels the party found a prison area of some kind, with 6 cells. Only two of the cells were occupied, one by a bard named Corwin, and the other by a local villager called Cedric. Both were mightily relieved to be rescued, and the Party decided to take them back to Fair Haven immediatly.

Another round trip to the town and back found the party exploring a secret door, pointed out by Corwin. The door opened into a rough room carved from rock, occupied by an enormous ogre. Fortunatly the ogre was not the sharpest tool in the box, and fell prey to one of Peregrin’s masterful bluffs. Everyone was able to pass by the ogre with little problem.

This did however turn into a liability when the party tripped an alarm, elerting all the smugglers to their presence!

Bolas used Haboob to block the path for the smugglers, while the party rushed back to deal with the ogre, not wanting to be trapped between two groups of enemies. The ogre was tough, but not really up to a combined assault from the parties melee experts. It fell swiftly.

While everyone waited for Haboob to wear off, a plan was made to deal with the smugglers.

Like all plans, it failed to take into account the fact that the enemies were not stationary lumps of rock. So the plan was abandoned in favour of a new plan. Attack!

A three way war of attrition took place, with Antímata and Peregrin on one front, Siha on another, and an Anarchic Killer Frog on the final front. Bolas, Caeron, and Lenna pitched in where they could.

Some 16 smugglers were defeated, including the Moss, Mortiner (or something) who teleported away, and the Wizard, who was blinded by Bolas. The party decided to rest up before the final clean up of the dungeon.