Meeting Erylium

The Sinspawn flailed, spat, bit, slashed, and eventually died. The party explored a little deeper into the tunnel, but only to realise it was connected to more rooms and tunnels. Everyone was tired and hurting, so it was decided to return topside to rest up and heal. <<someone please write about who we talked to on the surface… i was asleep.>> They perform some small errands to pass the rest of the eventful day, and return to their respective rooms to rest.


Peregrin awakes feeling stronger than he’s ever felt before in his life. It’s as if he could survive being run over by a truck, could dodge a fireball without singing a single hair on his head, and for whatever strange reason, is able to draw a weapon while moving, which he could never do before.
Antímata rises to find herself not only tougher, but vastly more confident. Even more astonishing is that she can heal by merely touching someone. Clearly, she has been chosen and granted divine powers by the gods themselves!
Siha and Bolas also arise feeling significantly more resilient, but both belong to obscure prestige classes and I have no bloody idea what they get.

The party return to the tunnels. Another Sinspawn is now guarding the tunnel where the old one was, and is slain. Now two Sinspawn corpses guard the passageway. Beyond one door is a nasty little flying devil which shatters Siha’s polearm, summons Sinspawn, casts all sorts of nasty magic on the party, and makes a general nuisance of herself with her little returning dagger. After realising we can’t catch her we leave, jam the door shut, and determine to return with nets to catch the little critter. Siha ‘borrows’ the ornate polearm from a statue he finds in the passageway. The party press on, overcoming yet another Sinspawn in a prison area, hiding under a gangway. Some time later three containment cells are kept. Each has the skeleton of some bizarre aberration. There is a study, which Bolas searches through and finds a spell scroll.