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Sheriff Hemlock arrived in the Wrech of the Grey Prince and explained that there had been two murders at the Sandpoint sawmill.

Katerine Vinder and Banny Harker were brutaly murdered at Banny Harker’s sawmill. Katerine had apparently been sliced up with the sawmill itself, and Banny hacked to death with an axe. They were found by Ibor Thorn, Banny’s partner at the sawmill. The sheriff also handed over a note written in blood found at the scene, addressed to Antímata! On reading the note, which appeared to be some sort of incoherent love note, we all immediatly suspected Aldern Foxglove of some sort of involvement!

The party examined the scene, and found a Sihedron Rune carved into Banny’s corpse, though whether this was done when he was alive or dead is not clear. He had marks deep slash markes in his body, maybe from some sort of claw. Banny was known to be a “penny pincher” which leads to thoughts about Karzoug, runelord of greed… A smell of rotten meat hung about the building, but noone was able to identify it.

Peregrin spotted a good place to spy on the mill from across the river, and upon investigation the rotten meat smell was found there. It looks like someone or something crossed the river and attacked the two people.

It was agreed that whatever else was done, we should first track down Aldern Foxglove, to determine how he fitted in with all this.

We spoke biefly with the Mayor, and also looked for Aldern’s carpenter, who also keept the house clean, Rogers Krasby, however we were unable to find him.

We also traded insults with Ven Vinder, who the sherrif had detaned along with Ibor THorn. Ven was unable to help with identfying who might have done the murders, however it did appear that he had no involvement.

Some investigation later, and we found that Aldern had a house outside town known as Migivings. Misgivings was the local name for Foxglove manor. Misgivings appeared to have a dark an mysterious history in the area, associated with numerous deaths and strange happenings.

We travelled there on foot, and easily found the place from the directions that Mayor Deverin had given us.

Misgivings certanly lived up to it’s name, a dar and brooding mansion on the cliff face. Bolas’s first thought was to just burn it down, however the others felt that this did not leave sufficient oportunity for the house to kill them all with evil haunts and suspicious activity. They entered the house.

Inside it was exactly as Bolas feared, malign evil forces assaulted them continuously, as they laboured through the mouldy and decrepit building. Dusty old rooms held old paintings, rotten rugs and tapestries, and faded items that might once have been glorious. Stained glss windows appeared to celebrate the life of the strange person who built the place.

Evil spirits attacked numerous times, in each case only the person attacked saw anything, and the effect ended as suddenly as it began, though was no less lethal for all that. Antimita was attacked by an illusionary manticore, Bolas was attacked by a scarf, that strangled him, and would no doubt have killed him but for the swift intervention of the other members of the party. Siha had visions of his parents fighting and killing each other, he also fell through the floor into a bath with a big diseased rat in it. Whether this was the result of evil, or just too much armour is not clear. A room they entered exploded with fungus spores, which will no doubt manifest as some wierd disease later on… Peregrin felt a powerful urge to stab himself,but was able to overcme it.

Despite Bolas’s repeated requests, the party refrained from burning the place down.

Overall, misgivings was dangerous! At the top, we also found what would appear to be a reventant. We are now following it to the depths of the mansions, where no doubt some horible fate awaits.