Muldin Malik


Muldin was born in Janderhoff, the dwarven Sky Citadel in Varisia. Losk, his father, was a wealthy, influental Cleric of Torag and a true force of law and good. Already as a small boy Muldin showed arcane talent, and his father’s means allowed him to receive the best training available, at the Stone Of Seers in Magnimar, the Acadamae in Korvosa and of course at home, in the Sky Citadel. True to the spirit of Torag, he focused his magic on creating and shaping, on the arcane schools of Conjuration and Transmutation. Being part of the elite in Janderhoff and a capable young wizard, he rose in the ranks of the city and gained a reputation for fairness, reliability and good planning. He married and had a daughter, Yangrit. When she showed the same sense for arcane magic that he did, she too was sent to the best schools of magic.

Shortly after his 100th birthday, his daugther was abducted from the Acadamae in Korvosa. Muldin and Losk went to search for her, and discovered that she was taken by a sect devoted to the demon queen. When they finally found the girl, she was already dead, cruelly slaughtered as sacrifice to Lamashtu. In the aftermath of that tragic event, Muldin changed. He left his fortune to his wife and gave up all posts in the Sky Citadel, and the only thing he kept from his old life was a small, stylized hammer, made of mithral, decorated with dwarven runes and decidated to Torag, which he wears braided into his beard.

Muldin went back to Korvosa, and spent many years investigating and battling the cult that had killed his daughter, finally destroying it utterly. He had hoped that this would give him some closure, but it didn’t, and so he kept on wielding his magic in combat. Devoting himself to extinguishing evil, he developed a fervor and zeal that caused many people to fear him, and at times he even summoned the devils and demons he hated so much, forcing them to do his bidding, his will, in order to advance the cause of good. He travelled to Cheliax, to study devils and learn more about the hierarchy of hell, and searched out and killed many demons and monsters with the goal learn more about Lamashtu. He taught himself the Abyssal, Infernal and Thassilonian language in order to better understand the evils of the past and the present, and went back to his father for a time to gain a deeper understanding of religion and history.

Recently, he had heard of an attack on Sandpoint, and while investigating the huge sinkhole that had appeared there suddenly, he met Siha, a celestial warrior who told him of an old threat, the rise of the runelord Karzuk and his army of undead giants. Without hesitation, he followed Siha into the sinkhole…

The Sacred Numbers of Blue Cheese-Flavored Maximal Munchkinnity

DEX 13 + 1 [gloves] = 14
CON 14 + 2 [vest] = 16
INT 21 + 5 [headband] = 26
Wizard 31113
Master Specialist 105337
Archmage 10002


Classes, Character Level 14


Schools of Magic

Spell slots:

Level Class Specialization Int Bonus Total Notes
Level 04-1, +3 Conj.03+3
Level 14-1, +3 Conj.25+3
Level 24-1, +3 Conj.25+3
Level 34-1, +3 Conj.25+3
Level 44-1, +3 Conj.25+3
Level 53-1, +3 Conj.13+2-1 (specialist) spell slot for Archmage spell power
Level 63-1, +3 Conj.13+3
Level 72-1, +3 Conj.12+3


Variant Abilities [UA Conjuror]

PrC Abilities [Master Specialist]

PrC Abilities [Archmage]

Skill ranks, 119 Skillpoints


Magic Items

Other stuff Muldin lugs around