Muldoc Malik

Description & Background

He had been attacked so many times, was slashed with swords, hit with clubs, had boulders thrown at him and was even killed, then thrown into a river, then fished out and raised from the dead. It was only fitting that the next step in his journey would be an abduction by a demon.

But being taken to the abyss wasn’t such a bad thing, after all. Embracing the chaos within and without, he learned about his heritage. His old friends on Golarion might have suspected a fiendish taint in him, but it was a surprise to him that only in time became a revelation.

Fun with numbers

Race Golarian Gnome

Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Deity Calistria


Natural Abilities

HP 40 + (16 * 2 CON = ) 32 = 72 + 1d4

Wild Mage Features

Fiend-Blooded Features



Magic Items

Always active