Naffer Vosk

Naffer Vosk is a deformed and twisted man, of late middle age. Naffer takes care of the Boneyard in Sandpoint, and has done this for most of the past ten years. Naffer arrived in Sandpoint after a great storm, that wrecked a number of ships. Tales of an epic battle in the Steaming sea at this time have neither been confirmed or denied by Naffer.

Since his arrival Naffer has found that his life has been restored to him by his growing faith in Sarenrae, supported by Father Zantos. Many people suspect that Naffer was not always twisted and deformed, but he refuses to talk about how he came to be in his current form. The people of Sandpoint suspect that Naffer may once have had dealings with smugglers, and maybe even pirates, but his gentle and kind demeanor, together with his obvious piety, mean that has is trusted and liked by all.

When Bolas arrived in Sandpoint,it was apparent that the two men knew each other from some past time, and they are often seen talking in the Wreck of the Grey Prince.