Razor Ocota is a tall (nearly 7ft), black skinned, fierce looking woman, with an unplaceable accent.

Razor is marked with a mutitude of tatoos and scars. Some of the scars are ritualistic, some the result of wounds taken in battle. The tatoos range from primitive tribal tatoos to complex colourful designs reminiscent of Shackles Pirates, there is no clear theme and the overall result can be enough to terrify small children. Which is a problem, since Razor loves small children, and tries to spend time with any that visit the inn (which is not that often, waterfront taverns not being a suitable place for youngsters).

Razor came to Sandpoint with Bolas, and works in the Wreck of the Grey Prince with him. When Bolas is not around, Razor runs the Grey Prince. Anyone with a complaint or a problem, almost all of which are people complaining about the state of their partners following a long night at the Wreck, always makes sure that Bolas is around, since Razor’s tongue matches her name, and she suffers no fools.

Razor lives above the tavern, in the first mates cabin of the wrecked warship.